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Game industry in Italy: Italian Game Localization

Video games are played across the globe, from Paris to Tokyo to New York City, and are developed on all five continents. Many countries get massive revenue from developing and creating games, but Italy has one notable exception. Why are there not many games produced in Italy? In the following blog, we will be talking about the game industry [...]

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Top 7 Digital Comic Books You Need to Read

Key takeaways: On the same day the physical comics are put on sale, you can also purchase their digital version. Some comics publishers tend to include bonus materials in online comics. DC and Marvel seem to be among the most popular publishers who offer digital comic books. Translation of non-English comic books can be found on platforms such as [...]

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Insurance Translation: Services for Insurance Companies

Insurance is generally a social system that seeks to save in reserve to address unexpected losses to institutions or individuals. This article aims to identify some critical points related to insurance translation services and translation for insurance companies. We will highlight the importance of CCCI as a Professional insurance translation service to translate insurance documents.  Key Takeaways: The Sun, [...]

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NFT in Video Games: What is an NFT and How Does It Work?

Many people find NFTs quite perplexing. Despite them being popular, many people did not understand them well. So in this blog, you'll find out exactly what they are and why they are profitable as well as how the purchasing procedure works. We will also talk about NFT in video games. We will be covering the utility for NFTs inside [...]

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Top 10 Video Game Publishers in MENA Market

This blog will discuss the market of video game publishers in MENA. in the beginning, there will be a discussion about the MENA gaming market. We will highlight the difference between game publishers VS game developers. We will list a few relatively renowned video game publishers in MENA.  At the end of the blog, we will highlight the importance [...]

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