Manga, or Japanese comics, have a long and storied history in Japan and worldwide. While they traditionally follow a horizontal format, more and more manga artists opt to use manga coloring services for their works and make it vertical.

There are several reasons manga artists might colorize and verticalize their work. For many, coloring is simply a way to add visual interest and depth to their creations. Additionally, verticalization allows them to reach wider audiences, making the manga easier to read and access through smartphones.

We offer manga coloring services at CCCI, topping it off with manga verticalization. Our team of skilled manga artists can add color and life to your work, and our verticalization experts can help you reformat your pages for a new audience.

Webtoon Style Manga

Webtoons are popular for gaining a lot of readers as they are more accessible and easier to read on smartphones. The webtoon industry size was estimated to stand at around 1.05 trillion South Korean won in 2020. It is no surprise that the trend in the manga industry for verticalization is continuously growing. It allows artists to create more dynamic and engaging works of art that appeal to a broader audience!

In recent years, a new trend in the manga industry has emerged: verticalization. This refers to the practice of creating comics that are formatted vertically instead of horizontally, similar to webtoons. Now, we have learned to enjoy great vertical manga and work with more vertical manga publishers.

Manga Verticalization

While this may seem like an odd choice at first, many artists feel that verticalization is the future of manga, as it allows readers to engage more fully with the story by giving them more screen space to read and allowing them to view multiple panels at once. It is high time you enter the vertical world of manga!

Manga Cleaning and Redrawing

Along with our verticalization services, CCCI also offers cleaning and redrawing. Our skilled artists remove original texts from your manga to make it completely ready for the translated version.

Moreover, in the process of verticalization and cleaning, erasing some parts of the original artwork is inevitable. This happens when the texts are outside the text bubbles or boxes and on top of the artwork. We redraw these parts to make room for the translated text without compromising your manga’s overall look and feel.

Vertical Redesign

Manga are originally designed horizontally, with panels and text boxes arranged to fit the width of a page. Verticalization requires redesigning to make a manga optimized for mobile consumption. Our artists at CCCI can redesign your manga pages for a more immersive and engaging experience. And do not worry!  We will not change your story or artwork, just the way it is laid out on the page.

Speech Bubble Conversion

Manga verticalization accordingly requires speech bubble conversion, especially during the vertical redesign. For example, we may use more large-sized panels and fewer text bubbles or boxes than usual, giving your readers more space to engage with the story. Additionally, if you decide to localize your manga from Japanese into another language like Korean, English, German, French, or Spanish, you may need your speech bubble and boxes converted from vertical into horizontal. This is because Japanese text is usually written vertically, while languages with Roman alphabet and even Korean are written horizontally. Localization does not only entail translation, but also changing the aesthetics of your comics. Let us do the speech bubble conversion for you!

Manga Coloring

Most enthusiasts and readers are used to manga black and white. However, manga colorization can be used to improve readability if text or dialogue is difficult to see on the page due to small font size or complex backgrounds. Additionally, some artists may use manga colorization to enhance their own creativity, allowing them greater flexibility in terms of shading and composition.

There is no need to go through any manga coloring tutorial or Google “How to do manga coloring?” Our manual manga coloring services are among the best in the manga coloring market. What manga coloring services do our artists at CCCI have for you?