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Language services in German

CCC International is a leading provider in English to German translation and German to English translation services, as well as in German to Dutch, Japanese, French, Arabic, Chinese and other languages. Our professional English to German translators provides fast and premium quality German translation at competitive rates.

Given the benefits that the consistently-rising German economy can bring to your business, German is an incredibly useful and significant language one must look into when globalizing. Here, you can find several reasons why we recommend German translation of documents, websites, and other materials.

??  Germany has ranked number one in the world for entrepreneurship doing business all around the world.

?? Many German businesses are international in operation and require smooth communication without language barriers.

?? German is among the commonly used languages in Europe, along with English, Spanish, French, Italian, etc.

?? With over 100 million native speakers, German is also an official language of five other countries: Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

?? Germany is an economic powerhouse in the heart of Europe by being the fourth-highest ranked country worldwide in nominal GDP.

It is thus difficult to underestimate the importance of the German translation industry for international businesses.

When you target German-speaking countries, make sure that your business operations and transactions are carried out smoothly and effectively. A professional language translation agency will ensure quality German translations and better communication with customers.

Professional translation and localization services for German clients

It’s our highest priority to make your content known in German-speaking countries as well as lower the communication barriers to facilitate your brand efficiently. By providing professional German translation services, we will help you to grow your audience, increase ROI, and stand out from the competition.

Rich industries, developed market economy, high quality of life, and strong labor productivity—these and many more are what you can access if you decide to expand your business in German-speaking countries.

German translation and localization are at the core of CCCI’s professional expertise. Despite a considerable number of vocabulary differences, standard German, Austrian German, and Swiss German have mutually comprehensible writing and speaking systems. 

German culture-Professional German translation

Taking into account these differences, our native German linguists can help businesses reach an enormous number of German-speaking audiences located in German, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and other countries using effective translation and localization.

CCC International offers the following German language services to our international clients:

  1. Comics book and manga translation in German
  2. German video game localization and in-game support
  3. Business document translation in German
  4. Software app and website localization in German
  5. German customer email support and BPO services
  6. German audio and speech data collection
  7. Video production services in German

Comics book and manga translation in German

The demand for Japanese manga and comic books has increased in recent years. The Japanese art form that encompasses manga, graphic novels, comics books, anime, and many more have also gained popularity in Germany.

As a leading manga and comics translation company, CCCl offers German manga translation and typesetting, verticalization, coloring, illustration, EPUB conversion, cleaning, and censoring services.

Our manga localization service bears the motto “translating the world of manga and adding cultural-specific elements for global readers.”

We work with manga publishing companies and authorized distributors in Japan and other countries. Thanks to our extensive experience in manga, comics and webtoon services, we meet demanding timescales and complete the work for a competitive price.

Looking for a professional manga translation agency?

As huge fans of manga, anime, and comics, we welcome any new project to provide manga translation, typesetting, coloring, and other related services.

German video game localization and in-game support

Germany is Europe’s 1st and the world’s 5th largest gaming market based on population. So for international game producing and publishing companies, it is a sound decision to not miss the German market in terms of game localization and internationalization. In Germany, the number of mobile gamers has grown sharply in recent years, while PC games are declining in popularity. Germans normally expect introduced products to be available in German and are very accustomed to receiving content in their own language.

German is both an important and slightly difficult language to translate game content to. The length of words isn’t comparable with other languages. If you want to translate some words from German to English, you may face difficulties with not having much space in your video game user interface. Nonetheless, German video game translation and in-game support will undoubtedly make local gamers have fun and enjoy your game. In the end, you will find that German localization is a worthwhile investment where you can reap long-term returns for your business.

By having your video game translated into German, you’ll gain immense opportunities for growth, increased ROI, and brand awareness. CCCI, as an international game translation and localization company, offers professional game localization services and in-game support in German and other languages. Our gaming specialists know how to localize your next game to enable a great user experience. We’ve worked with numerous game publishers and developers for more than a decade to reach their full potential by providing language services for various game projects.

Interested in CCCI’s German video game localization and in-game support?

German website translation

With approximately 100 million speakers, German is one of the most popular and important internet languages. It’s an incredibly useful language for businesses operating internationally. Not having your website translated and localized into German means not selling at all in German-speaking countries as in these areas, there may be a sizable percentage of the population who do not speak English. By translating your website into German, you can market your products to a much wider spectrum of audiences, thus increasing your profit and revenue. With our professional German website translation and localization services, you can access a continuously increasing list of advantages and edge among the competition. Alongside website translation, we also offer software and mobile app localization services for clients to reach wider audiences.

Ultimately, business communication with multiple countries, including Germany, demands language expertise and accuracy. Here at CCC International, we’re ready to take care of your German business document translation and localization, as well as email and chat support in German, English, and other languages. Count on us!

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