Taiwanese to English Translation and English to Taiwanese Translation

In today’s globalized world, we can’t overstate the importance of Taiwanese translation. As Taiwan continues to rise as a significant player in global economics and politics, the demand for accurate and professional Taiwanese translation services is increasing rapidly.

Taiwanese translation breaks down the language barrier and opens doors for businesses, researchers, and individuals to partake in the country’s dynamic environment. It fosters mutual understanding, promotes intercultural relationships, and facilitates smoother transactions, making a decisive impact on your global success.

Is it challenging? Yes, and CCC International can tell you why:

🇹🇼While Mandarin Chinese serves as the official language of Taiwan, the country’s linguistic landscape is quite diverse.

🇹🇼A substantial portion of the Taiwanese population hails from southern Fujian, contributing to the prevalence of Min-nan. This Southern Min dialect, often called Holo, enjoys widespread use alongside Mandarin.

🇹🇼The unique linguistic groups of the Hakka people and the indigenous communities have also successfully maintained their distinct languages.

🇹🇼A segment of the elderly population in Taiwan possesses proficiency in Japanese because of the historical imprint left by Japan’s rule, which lasted fifty years until 1945 when Taiwan returned to the Chinese administration.

🇹🇼English is Taiwan’s most widely taught foreign language and an integral component of the standard academic syllabus.

If it’s challenging, why do it? Because the population of Taiwan is approximately 24,000,000, and the rewards are real. This number doesn’t account for the millions of Taiwanese living abroad who are keen to stay in touch with their homeland!

However, Taiwan’s culture, etiquette, and business practices are distinct. To truly take advantage of the business opportunities in the country, you must understand the local language and culture.

CCCI understands that the perfect translation accurately captures nuances and reflects cultural sensitivities. We offer various services, including the following:

These services are available in up to 30 languages, and our team comprehensively understands Taiwanese culture and language. So whether you’re looking for..

  • Taiwanese to English translation and English to Taiwanese translation;
  • Taiwanese Mandarin to English translation,
  • Taiwanese to Indonesian translation,
  • Taiwanese to Korean translation and Korean to Taiwanese translation, or
  • Taiwanese to Japanese Translation and Japanese to Taiwanese translation

…we’ve got you covered!

Manga and Webtoon Translation and Typesetting in Taiwanese

Japanese manga undoubtedly holds the dominant position in Taiwan’s comics scene. Among the various genres, shōnen manga emerges as the crowd favorite. However, shōjo manga trails only slightly behind, enjoying a considerable fan base.

Furthermore, a 2022 survey spanning multiple nations revealed that Korean webtoons have garnered significant popularity, with 32.9% of Taiwanese respondents answering that they are interested in webtoons. Taiwan was one of the countries where the K-webtoon market popularity was the highest in 2021, and the industry grew approximately 68% compared to the previous year.

CCCI is your go-to source for Taiwanese manga and webtoon translation and typesetting services. Our experienced translators are well-versed in the nuances of Taiwanese culture and its various dialects. As a result, we can offer translations that capture the original spirit of each work while paying homage to the Taiwan setting and characters. Moreover, our typesetters are well-versed in the latest software and can bring your manga and webtoon to life!

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