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Latest Techniques and Tools for Data Annotation

Data annotation, though less frequently discussed than other topics, is a booming industry. It's a crucial part of the data science process and essential to building AI models, allowing all industries and sectors to create powerful applications. With the help of advanced data annotation tools, businesses can quickly process large amounts of data in multiple languages, making it easier [...]

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Industry-Specific Data Annotation. Why does your business need one?

The many advancements in technology have impacted not only how businesses collect data but also the way they must utilize it. Data collection has always been necessary for most businesses; however, what has changed is the need for industry-specific data annotation. You've probably heard of it before, haven't looked into it, or need help finding the right data annotation [...]

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Data Annotation: What Is It And How You Can Benefit From It?

Machine learning is increasingly becoming more popular as it shows great potential in improving various business processes. It is a process of teaching computers to make predictions or take actions based on data. Computers need to be taught or trained to make predictions. And suppose your next direction in your business is to go down the machine learning path. [...]

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Data Collection Methods in Business Analytics

Key takeaways Various data collection methods are used in business analytics, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The type of data and the business goals will determine which data gathering procedure is most appropriate. There are two main data collection types: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative and quantitative data collection methods are both vital and complementary. Qualitative data collection is [...]

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5 Ways To Customize Your Speech Data Collection Project

Speech recognition is a technology that can revolutionize the way people interact with what’s on hand. The technology paved the way for several application developments that made daily life more convenient and cut the cost of time in regular work and non-work-related activities. Speech recognition is quite a bit complicated tech. The AI in speech recognition works wonders. It [...]

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How Can Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Benefit from Audio Data Collection?

The technology that we have today allows us to multitask. With its present innovations, people can give out commands by voice while concentrating on another task at hand. Giving out voice commands and searching through voice are byproducts of analyzing audio and speech data. Audio and speech data became one of the pillars of speech recognition and artificial intelligence. [...]

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