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The Role of Actionable Data in Decision-Making

Actionable data proves to be a potent tool across a wide range of sectors. In the fast-paced world of business, it assists leaders in making informed decisions. For healthcare professionals, such data can enable personalized care and proactive responses. Even in education, it can spotlight learning gaps and guide curriculum development! The challenge lies in making data actionable and [...]

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Different CAT Tools : Choosing What’s Best for You

In the dynamic world of translation, Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools have emerged as game-changers, providing high efficiency, consistency, and productivity for translators. While nothing still beats the human brain in translation, computer-assisted translation tools have become essential in the field. But with many CAT tools on the market, making the right choice can be overwhelming. CCC International sheds [...]

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All About Voice Data Collection: From Challenges to Best Practices

In today's data-driven world, the scope and importance of data collection have expanded into a multitude of domains, and one of the most intriguing frontiers is voice data collection.  The way we communicate with devices has developed significantly, and this evolution has driven the growth of speech data collection. Understanding the nuances, challenges, and best practices of voice data [...]

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Best Practices for Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)

The professional translator community around the globe is vast, comprising roughly 640,000 individuals. Translation is necessary for various industries, making machine translation post-editing (MTPE) services more critical than ever. What is MTPE, and what are the best practices for it? CCC International will discuss everything you need to know about this process and why investing in machine translation post-editing [...]

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Latest Techniques and Tools for Data Annotation

Data annotation, though less frequently discussed than other topics, is a booming industry. It's a crucial part of the data science process and essential to building AI models, allowing all industries and sectors to create powerful applications. With the help of advanced data annotation tools, businesses can quickly process large amounts of data in multiple languages, making it easier [...]

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Industry-Specific Data Annotation. Why does your business need one?

The many advancements in technology have impacted not only how businesses collect data but also the way they must utilize it. Data collection has always been necessary for most businesses; however, what has changed is the need for industry-specific data annotation. You've probably heard of it before, haven't looked into it, or need help finding the right data annotation [...]

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