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Best Completed Romance Webtoons to Read in 2022

The autumn season is the most colorful time of the year. As we watch leaves change from green to yellow and red and finally fall, we are kind of reminded to slow down and relax. This season also makes some of us more romantic and dreamy, and what better activity to pair with this vibe than reading completed romance [...]

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K-drama, K-pop, and K-webtoon: Korean Wave Rise

When talking about K-pop, it's impossible not to have heard about BTS or the Bangtan Boys, BLACKPINK, or TWICE. We have Crash Landing on You, Goblin, and Itaewon Class when it's K-drama. And when we move to K-webtoon, we can't forget about True Beauty or Tower of God. It's safe to say that the Korean Wave, also known as [...]

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Completed Webtoons to Binge-Read over the Weekend

Key takeaways: The number of completed webtoons increases by the day, adding to the long lists of recommended titles to read. There are numerous webtoons to binge read over the weekend, tapping into various genres such as romance, fantasy, and coming-of-age. Some popular finished webtoons have been adapted into K-dramas, including Cheese in the Trap, True Beauty, and What’s [...]

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All You Need to Know about Korean-style Digital Comics

Key takeaways: Korean-style digital comics draw attention to audiences worldwide, optimizing mobile-friendly design, convenience, and uniqueness. Korean webtoons have gone through changes over the years. Still, they keep up with the market with the standard that local and global readers recognize. The Korean digital comics market is continuously growing, exceeding 1 trillion won in 2021, and is forecasted to [...]

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Global K-webtoon Market Popularity: Endless Growth Potential

Key Takeaways: The South Korean webtoon industry had 1 trillion won ($843 million) sales in 2020. Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and India were the countries where K-webtoon market popularity was the highest in 2021. The webtoon market size reached $3,673 million in 2021. Naver Webtoon has acquired 100 billion won ($84 million) monthly gross merchandise value and 82 million active [...]

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