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Conveying text from Armenian to English or from English to Armenian demands an excellent grasp of culture and profound knowledge of both languages. Particularly, Armenian is considered to be a complex language due to various historic and cultural factors. Moreover, it is an old language that belongs to an Indo-European language group developed in 405 AD by Mesrop Mashtots. This old but unique language also has a rich vocabulary. 

If you are hesitant to settle your company in Armenia or build business affairs and cooperations with Armenian entrepreneurs, below we compile some interesting and mind-blowing facts about Armenian and Armenia that may help you understand the country and its people better.

🇦🇲 The capital Yerevan is older than Rome. It was founded in 782 BC and, located at the very edge of Europe, took the role of a cultural and economic crossroad.

🇦🇲 Over the past few years, the country has been growing at a fast pace, leading to huge business environment improvements and gaining a striking turnaround in its investment sphere. 

🇦🇲 Armenia has strong human resources—it possesses a highly educated and skilled workforce. Many huge foreign companies have a branch office for operations in Armenia, especially those in the IT-sphere.

🇦🇲 Armenia is one of the fastest-growing trading centers in the Caucasus region with a liberal and open economy, which is a defining characteristic for big investors worldwide.

🇦🇲 Classical Armenian, used in official documents, books, literature, and teaching at schools, differs a little from the colloquial form of Armenian spoken in daily life. Furthermore, the Armenian language also has a Western Armenian variety, which significantly varies from that of standard and classical Armenian in terms of spelling and vocabulary.

Needless to say, for Armenian translation and interpretation projects, you’ll need professional specialists with a native command of Armenian and English or other languages. 

CCC International has a group of Armenian native speakers who are professional translators and interpreters. To ensure that your need for the highest-quality Armenian translation and related business services are covered properly, we perform rigorous checking and proofreading. Hence, we guarantee fast and accurate human translations from and to Armenian as well as other language services. 

To reach the native speakers of Armenia and the wide-ranging diaspora of around 5 million Armenian living in nearly every corner of the world, you’ll be in need of a professional Armenian translation company. English to Armenian translation is essential for international companies to succeed in Armenia. Meanwhile, it’s highly important to have an accurate Armenian to English translation for Armenian businesses to build effective foreign affairs. 

On your path to business internationalization, we will meet all your language needs by implementing fast and quality Armenian language solutions performed 100% by human translators and interpreters.

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Armenia, a country that is likened to an open-air museum, encompasses over 4000 historical sites, cradle highlands, rich archaeological heritage, dynamic craft traditions, customs, music, and dance festivals, diverse dialects, gourmet cuisine, and, of course, millennia-spanning history.

Additionally, its attractive technology sphere with outstanding potential and competitive workforce puts the country in an excellent position in the business world.

If your business is in need of official translation from Armenian to English or English to Armenian, audio and voice recognition, or other language services, feel free to get in touch with us for professional Armenian language services. We strive to give each business a boost in every step of its growth process.

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