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Data Annotation: What Is It And How You Can Benefit From It?

Machine learning is increasingly becoming more popular as it shows great potential in improving various business processes. It is a process of teaching computers to make predictions or take actions based on data. Computers need to be taught or trained to make predictions. And suppose your next direction in your business is to go down the machine learning path. [...]

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Video Game Market in Japan: Japanese Game Localization

Video Games will always be intrinsically identified with Japan for many people around the world. Sony and Nintendo, both Japanese game localization companies, have sold over 1 billion game systems globally. Japan's video game industry was valued at $19.2 billion in 2018, and the country is still a major exporter of video games to Europe and North America, thanks [...]

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7 Best Manga to Read During the Holidays

New Year's Eve lights, cozy nights, Netflix, and... manga time! These are just some of the best things about the holiday season. With more time off work during this period, you have all the time in the world to catch up to the latest chapters of your favorite holiday manga and explore ones you haven’t read before. Here’s a [...]

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Digital Comic Revolution: K-webtoon Jumpstarts Manhwa Global Growth

Webtoon, a new tool for the cultural proliferation of South Korea Korea’s digital economy sketched the meteoric rise of the webtoon industry along with Korean films and drama. Webtoons are comics published on the online web and mobile platforms, and they form a new social phenomenon in the digital era: "webtooniverse". The global k-webtoon community is quickly expanding, [...]

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Webtoons and the Role of Webtoon Translation for Globalization

The birth of webtoon Originating in Korea, webtoon (웹툰) is colorized mobile and digital comics, an offshoot of the older Korean manhwa. In other words, it is the counterpart of manga in South Korea. The name itself is a compound word, derived from “website” and “cartoon.” The webtoon reader community around the world is quickly expanding, making the [...]

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5 Steps To Take Before Expanding Your Business Internationally

Entering foreign markets is no easy feat. It comes with its own set of unique obstacles and challenges, from cultural differences to financial issues and everything in between. Before expanding your business internationally, you need to explore every aspect of a foreign country - law, taxes, regulations, economic, finance, marketing, culture, technological advancements, business etiquette, and many more. Even [...]

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