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5 Best Webtoon with Strong Female Lead

Webtoons, a popular form of digital comic originating from South Korea, have swept across the globe. They're a perfect blend of technology and art, a one-stop entertainment source at your fingertips. If you have yet to explore one, we’re here to tell you there's something incredibly empowering about a webtoon with strong female lead characters. A strong female [...]

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The Importance of Editing in Comics: Polishing Your Work for Publication

Comics and graphic novels have long captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. A single panel can encapsulate the thrill of victory, the despair of defeat, and the humor in every day; all brought to life by the skillful play of text and image. However, behind every engaging story lies a less glamorous but equally important process: editing in comics. [...]

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Top 7 Most Anticipated Anime Releases in 2023

It's no secret that anime fanatics have been eagerly awaiting the upcoming releases of some of the most exciting shows in 2023. Even before 2022 ended, fans have already begun predicting which anime will be the year's biggest hit! If you need help catching up with everything happening in the anime world, CCC International is here to give you [...]

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Color Theory in Comic Art: Enhancing Mood and Storytelling

When talking about manga series like Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, and One Piece, we usually think of the original black-and-white versions. It's what makes manga so distinct from Western comic books! However, since anime adaptations and the rise of webtoons, color theory in comic art has become increasingly important. Now, we have colored versions of the classic manga [...]

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Top 10 Anime to Binge-Watch During The Summer

That time of the year is here again. The sun is blazing, the days are longer, and there's nothing better than having more time to indulge in the whimsy of anime. To make things even more exciting, there's an endless list of anime to binge-watch! CCC International has done the digging and compiled a list of 10 titles for [...]

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The 7 Most Popular Anime In the UK

People in the United Kingdom love spending time in show bars, casinos, cinemas, museums, and galleries. Moreover, its international cuisine scene is thriving! But as anime lovers, we sometimes wonder, is there any popular anime in the UK? Knowing the difference between the Japanese and British cultures, exploring how anime reached the UK and which anime shows are popular [...]

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The Growing Popularity of Web Novels

The world has read comic books, novels, short stories, manga, webtoons, and more. There's just something captivating about stories and characters that keep us wanting more! If you haven't heard about it yet, there's one more genre of literature to explore: web novels. They're the next big thing in storytelling, and their popularity is soaring because of web novel [...]

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