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Webtoon and Manga in the Latin America

It's undeniable how webtoon and manga have taken over the world. The two have successfully expanded from South Korea and Japan, reaching new markets and countries. No language barrier stopped fans and readers from indulging in these stories, as translations quickly became available! This is especially true for Latin America, where manga and webtoon have found a thriving home. [...]

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The Manga Industry Growth in 2022: Sales Skyrocketing

Key takeaways The manga industry growth is inevitable, and with it comes the need for more professional manga services. The manga sales skyrocketing demands for more content and higher quality stories. The All Japan Magazine and Book Publisher's and Editor's Association (AJPEA) reported in 2020 that the manga industry earned 23% more than in 2019. Professional manga coloring and [...]

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Top 7 Digital Comic Books You Need to Read

Key takeaways: On the same day the physical comics are put on sale, you can also purchase their digital version. Some comics publishers tend to include bonus materials in online comics. DC and Marvel seem to be among the most popular publishers who offer digital comic books. Translation of non-English comic books can be found on platforms such as [...]

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Manga vs Manhwa: Webtoon Popularity in Japan

Key takeaways: The correct approach on manga vs manhwa is seeing each platform’s potential and pushing them for globalization. Manga and manhwa come from different origin countries, bearing different cultures and influences. As Japan continuously adopts digital technology for the manga industry, more creators and readers are also exploring manhwa. There is a rise in the demand for manhwa [...]

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Thailand’s Manga Industry Takes Off: Manga in Thai

Key takeaways: A Thai manga creator was recognized internationally in 2014, inspiring more creators and readers to support manga in Thai. Manga in Thailand is continuously progressing, opening themed cafes and manga and anime outlets. There are websites that make manga created by Thai authors and artists available to the public. Manga that are first published in Thailand are [...]

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