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Anime and Manga in the Arab World

--- Manga: Japanese comics, which have independently flourished from the western world, are called manga (漫画), first coined in 1798. Composed of the two kanji, it can be literally translated as “whimsical or impromptu” for 漫 (man), and “pictures” for 画 (ga). Albeit having a long history attributed to earlier Japanese art, modern manga art utilizes a style that [...]

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Must-Watch Manga to Anime Adaptation in 2022

Have you ever experienced reading a wonderful manga that you had to look for the manga to anime adaptation of it? Then you found out that the manga has no anime adaptation yet, and now you’re stuck imagining how the characters sound? Worry not, a wave of new anime series will grace us in 2022. When a manga becomes [...]

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Franco-Belgian Comics: Bande Dessinée Translation

Franco-Belgian comics, commonly referred to as “Bande Dessinées” or “BDs,” are a colossal contribution of France to the comics industry. They prove how comics can become a significant storytelling medium for the world. Comics as a sequential art medium was declared “The Ninth Art” in the 1960s, making the industry a paragon. “Bande Dessinées” is the French term for “drawn [...]

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Manga in Germany: Explore the Manga World

Traditionally, comic-reading in Germany has been less widespread. Unlike other European countries like France and England, Germany fell short in developing an indigenous comics industry in the 20th century. Though there were illustrated stories, such as Max and Moritz by Wilhelm Busch in 1865, none of them paralleled the success of the American Katzenjammer Kids. But decades later, manga [...]

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European Comics Market: Comic Book Translation

When the film adaptation of Barbarella, the French comic book by Jean-Claude Forrest, was released in 1968, America started to recognize European comics. It was not rapid widespread, though, but it began the translation of many other titles for American readers. Eventually, more French comics entered the American market, including the Tintin and Asterix series. The biggest challenge in [...]

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