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Language Services in Thai

Tropical beaches, magnificent palaces, antique ruins, and historic Buddhist temples are some of the best-known depictions of Thailand. The other element that describes this beautiful South Asian country is its national language, Thai. “Thai” is defined as belonging to Thailand, its people, its culture, and its language.

As a professional Thai language translation company, CCCI can help businesses communicate with their Thai audiences. And if you want to share Thai products and services with the rest of the world, we are here for you too! Here are some reasons to translate your content to Thai:

?? Almost 88% of Thailand’s population speaks Thai as their mother language. There are also global Thai communities in the USA, South Korea, Australia, China, and other countries.

?? As a result of wise economic politics, Thailand has reached an upper-middle-income economy and is moving towards sustainable development.

?? Thailand is placed 21st in the World Bank’s ease of doing business rankings.

?? Compared to other Western languages, Thai language grammar is much simpler.

?? Accurate Thai translation minimizes misunderstandings and helps consumers better understand your brand.

CCCI provides professional and accurate Thai translation and localization services for various industries. We deliver English to Thai and Thai to English translation, Japanese to Thai and Thai to Japanese translation, Korean to Thai and Thai to Korean translation, Chinese to Thai and Thai to Chinese translation, Indonesian to Thai and Thai to Indonesian translation, and other languages.

Thai to English and English to Thai translation

With its tropical beaches, stunning mountains, unique cuisine, ancient temples, interesting culture, and expanding economy, Thailand is one of the best places in Southeast Asia for both leisure and business.

If your business needs English to Thai or Thai to English translation services, CCCI can assist you in expanding your business with accurate translation and localization services. Get in touch with us, and our team of experts will help your business succeed with specialized Thai language services:

In need of a Thai translation and localization service?

Manga and webtoon translation and typesetting in Thai

Manga culture is not new for Thai people. They are not only huge fans of Japanese manga and Korean manhwa but also possess their own local comics. Thailand is home to many talented artists who are able to create stunning and original graphics, some of them inspired by Japanese manga and anime culture.

The Japan Manga Alliance Thailand estimates around $54 million in annual demand for comic books, with a significant portion of the revenue coming from the selling of Japanese manga. 

WEBTOON Ecosystem in Thailand has a solid background and continues to expand year after year with great potential for the future. For the past 8 years, the number of webtoon readers on LINE WEBTOON  has reached almost 172 million per month . There are also many Thai creators who have successfully released their work outside of Thailand. Needless to say, the webtoon and manga markets in Thailand are very promising and worth looking into.

CCCI’s experienced and professional manga and webtoon translators and typesetters can provide Japanese to Thai and Thai to Japanese translation, Korean to Thai and Thai to Korean translation, Thai to English, and English to Thai translation and help your content reach the Thai market and allow many manga and webtoon enthusiasts to explore new series.

Our professional translators guarantee high quality Thai manga translation services, including translating manga from Japanese to Thai and Korean to Thai webtoon translation.

Game translation and localization into Thai

With our extensive experience in the game translation and localization industry, CCCI  is able to provide high-level and quality-first video game services, with end users and client needs in mind. 

 With over 28 million video game players, Thailand currently has one of South Asia’s rapidly growing video game markets, generating more and more revenue annually. 

Growing your video game by targeting this rapidly growing market and reaching new audiences can be quick and easy with our Thai to English and English to Thai translation services.  

Apart from game translation and localization, our Thai video game services also include:

 Professional voice-over services

  • Customer support
  • All types of media and text localization

In order to have an accurate translation and localization, it is always better to hire a translator familiar with the gaming industry. That’s why all of our game translators are not only native speakers but also active gamers and game enthusiasts.

Customer Support in Thai

With our current fast-paced, highly competitive world when customers can find alternatives for almost everything, offering the best purchasing practices and a more personalized approach is key to success. One of the best ways of improving user experience is multilingual customer support, which is one of the essential aspects of a B2C (business-to-customer) business model.  

With rapid market growth and competition, Thailand is in constant need for reliable customer services. Thanks to years of customer support experience and language proficiency, CCCI can provide high-level Thai language customer support services and guarantee your user data security.

Thai Translation Services

Thai business translation services

With rapid and stable market growth and strategic location, Thailand can be an ideal destination for entrepreneurs who want to start or expand their businesses. 

While deciding to start or expand a business in Thailand, you will need a professional translation and localization company to assist you in connecting with Thai customers and building strong customer loyalty. 

As a professional Thai translation company, CCCI offers high-quality English to Thai and Thai to English translation, Japanese to Thai and Thai to Japanese translation, Korean to Thai and Thai to Korean translation, and other languages. We focus on every small cultural and language nuance and deliver only accurate translations. Our Thai business services include translating business plans,  documents, business cards, emails, certificates, corporate websites, and more.

Our project managers are always on call and chat for any Thai translation project!

Our Languages Services

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