Quality game localization is a big step towards your success in the international gaming industry. Here at CCCI, we provide desktop, mobile, browser, and console games localization in 30+ languages around the US, Europe, and Asia.

Working with top Japanese game companies for over a decade has allowed us to hone our skills in game localization. Along with our manga translation services, Mobile and PC games translation has become another of our specialties in the field of translation. It’s a service separate from general and specialized translations. 

Game Translation and Localization

Our team of content creators and game experts also collaborate in-game writing projects – one of our newest services. This combination of language and literature expertise, as well as game design knowledge, allows us to generate narratives for game publishers and creators to build upon.

Game localization does not only require linguistic proficiency, but also storytelling skills. This is work that wholly requires human touch: not a word-for-word translation, but a retelling of a story in a different language, culture, and belief system with the game mechanics and dynamics in mind, something that machine translation and non-specialized translators would not be capable of doing.

Choose only the best for your game localization project. At CCCI, as a professional game localization and translation agency, we will help you to transmit the necessary information to the player and optimize the gamer user experience in no time.

Each member of our game localization team is passionate about getting the best possible result for every game project with a modernized approach.

Our game localization process has three main stages. Firstly, we check all information provided by our client such as artworks, videos, details on characters and scenery, brief summary of the plot, descriptive texts, etc. Secondly, after checking the project files, we start the game translation and localization process. Thirdly, our native proofreaders and quality checkers ensure that the project is subjected to detailed quality control.


CCCI's professional team

Professional team

CCCI has an expert team of game localization specialists and native-speakers who are thrilled to create a captivating experience in 30+ languages for game players around the globe.

quality check

Game quality assurance

CCCI offers quality assurance for games or localization testing which assures that the localized and translated releases are smooth and consistent with the original version.

10+years of experience

10+ years of gaming experience

We’ve worked with numerous game publishers, developers, and large companies for more than a decade to reach their full potential by localizing various game projects.

full pack game services

Full pack of gaming services

From game content and scriptwriting, professional video game voice-over, game translation, localization, up to multilingual in-game support, we provide various services to cater to your needs while focusing on quality and committing to prompt delivery.