Language services in Arabic

One of the most spoken languages is Arabic, ranking fifth on the list of six most popular languages in the world. Additionally, it is an important pillar of humankind’s cultural diversity and a historical artifact in itself.

🇦🇪 Around 319 million people speak Arabic daily around the world making the language useful and strategic in a business context.

🇦🇪 The Arabic language is ranked as the fourth most in-demand language all over the world.

🇦🇪 The Arab peninsula is famous for abundant petrol and gas fields, which then attract other countries to invest in the region and consequently get involved in its unique language and culture.

🇦🇪 Arabic has become a high in-demand business language in the context of the global market.

🇦🇪 With a growing number (more than 125 million) of internet users, Arabic is the 7th most popular language online.

Translation and localization in Arab countries have stagnated in recent years. Specialists agree that Arabic translation is a real space for cultural exchange, a dialogue of civilizations, and plays a major role in building bridges between peoples.

Translating into Arabic is one of the biggest challenges that companies and agencies may face when establishing business relationships with the Arab world and its resource-rich and strategic countries with a great capacity for growth.

Formal Arabic highly differs from the one that is spoken. Moreover, traditional Arabic has several dialects that are used across several regions of the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Thus, before reaching these countries of diverse dialects, start by clarifying your goals and budget and, subsequently, your target audience. After which, make sure your business translations correspond with the target audience. Getting a professional Arabic translation company that specializes in the characteristics of that area or dialect may help lighten this load.

English-Arabic and Arabic-English translations

One of our most requested translation services is from Arabic to English and vice versa; we also can easily prepare sources for Arabic to Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Armenian, Filipino, Malay and other languages translation. CCCI is capable of translating for various industries as follows: