The Arab world is becoming increasingly an attractive place for gamers, game developers, and producers. With over 100 million PC gamers in the MENA region, the gaming industry is booming among young Arabs. This leads to the importance of Arabic video game customer support. Gaming support for MENA is one of the least developed services due to several social attitudes to Arabic-speaking customer service.

In other words, you published a game and your players loved it and your player base is growing. However, no matter how great the game is some of your players will need support. they’ll have questions about the game, payment bugs or they might simply get stuck. You want to provide a quality experience to your players inside the game and great support outside of it. However, player support can be costly and complex. Your player base may be global who speak any number of different languages and will be playing around the clock. Therefore, how do you support them at any time in their language or multiple channels at a low cost?

We are CCCI with 10 years of experience in the video gaming industry. We provide worldwide player support in several languages including Video game support in Arabic. We can provide you with a team of support agents covering multiple languages and a fraction of the cost of hiring dedicated resources ensuring optimal service including Arabic. We recruit Arabic video game customer support specialists making sure your players get great support and a reasonable cost.

In the following blog, we target the Arab game publishers and developers, other countries’ gaming companies that want to expand services to the Arabic market. We discuss the importance of Arabic video game customer support, more specifically, we focus on the importance of accurate Arabic game support. The discussion is exploring the gaming support for MENA and what it is needed for Video game support in Arabic.

Video Game Support in Arabic

Parents in the Arab world have long complained about their children’s addiction to games that promote violence and theft, and contain scenes of alcohol and nudity contrary to their social values, and here we ask a very pressing question. Where is the position of Arabs from developing their own games that reflect their culture, and bring them out of the cycle of consumption to the production circle in this promising market?

The gaming market outperforms the film market, with sales in excess of $100 billion a year. Despite the fact that Arabic is the fourth language in the world, Arabic content on the Internet represents only 1% of the global content, including electronic games, which means that there is a broad and developing Arab market, there are not enough games to speak its language and draw from its culture, which constitutes a major gap in this market, which can be exploited for amazing profits.

The development of games is particularly active in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, where it constantly opens a new hat studio where talented young men and women gather in modest rooms, to start working on their small offices, carrying great ambitions. Unfortunately, many of these studios end in bankruptcy, because of the difficulties of resilience in this fierce market. These difficulties will remain the same, as long as Arab investors do not realize the importance of filling this vacuum. the economic feasibility of investing in it, or until these young people find capital to adopt their creativity.  They succeed in developing competitive games that displace the dominance of foreign games on the Arab market, contributing in their attractive way to enhance the cultural identity of the Arab player.

Video Game Support Dos and Don’ts

All gamers usually struggle to receive great customer service. It makes them feel good so much that they now rate customer/support service as one of the most important factors when deciding to continue playing a game. This means the traditional game advantages such as the content and features of the game are not the only factors for the success of a game anymore.

In general terms, when it comes to game customer support services, we’ve all had a bad experience and news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for good customer service. Therefore, it’s really important to understand and avoid certain behaviors that make our customers angry. In a recent survey, 57% of customers expressed frustration that the company was not available when needed. 56% of customers felt that customer service is still too slow. 42% of customers felt that they have to speak to multiple agents before their problem is resolved. 34% of customers feel like just another number and the service they receive is too impersonal. 24% of consumers feel they know more about the product than the agent they were speaking to and a rapidly growing percentage of customers are dissatisfied with poor website design and online availability. The consequences of getting customer service wrong can be very damaging. a massive 89% of customers have reported that they’ve stopped doing business with companies because of bad customer service. Nobody wants to work for a failing business.

In other words, if the trend continues there might not be a business at all. Poor customer service is a factor in eight out of ten businesses that go bust with complaints on the rise in today’s connected world. A recent study revealed a staggering 38 million UK consumers made a complaint last year that amounts to a complaint every 1.2 seconds. It’s important to recognize the ever-increasing influence of the internet and social media on customer service. 

Social Media outlets have given customers a megaphone to voice their complaints to an increasingly connected population. Twitter, Facebook, and others are rife with customer stories mostly negative with game-changing impacts on customer service. A massive 20% of consumers would now be taking revenge on a company by posting a negative comment online. social media was the channel for over 20 million complaints across all different sectors during the past 12 months. Therefore, avoiding customer complaints is only one of the many reasons why you need to get customer service right. 

There are a great deal of benefits for you and the company you work for. If the customer is happy you will be too. it will allow you to focus on proactive opportunities and stop you from feeling like you’re in a constant reactive firefighting mode. Additionally,  good customer service fuels positive publicity in the media allowing you to be proud of what you do 

Most Importantly happy customers become loyal customers and loyal customers are very valuable. indeed they’re willing to spend more. they refuse to switch services and crucially they’re very likely to spread the love and recommend your services to others. How do you create these magical loyal customers? In a recent survey, friendly employees or customer service representatives top this list of what customers want. so it really is down to you to try to take part in this process.

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