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Language services in Korean 

The demand for Korean is growing quickly, as Korea is an attractive destination for foreign direct investment thanks to it being a prominent market within the global business sphere. Furthermore, Korean is one of the most spoken languages in the world. And if you’re looking to expand your market share into the Korean-speaking region, you’ll need perfect Korean translation services. Here at CCCI, we are delivering high-quality linguistic services based on your customer needs, budget, and deadline.

Check a few interesting facts about South Korea.

🇰🇷 As a rapidly growing prosperous economy, South Korea is home to global conglomerates. It’s the fourth-largest economy in Asia and the 13th largest in the world.

🇰🇷 There are numerous and varied opportunities and challenges in the South Korean market for most foreign companies. Nonetheless, it is a lucrative and exciting place to do business.

🇰🇷 Being on the constant rise, South Korea possesses a significantly huge domestic market. The country is actively searching for new paths to a more prosperous future.

🇰🇷 It is close to the bigger Asian markets of China and Japan and ranks among the most dynamic and vibrant overseas markets.

🇰🇷 After being separated from each other, South and North Korean have had some distinct differences in pronunciation, orthography, and newer vocabulary.

English to Korean and Korean to English translation

Whether you need English to Korean or Korean to English translation services, Korean audio and voice recognition, or related language services, we’ll give your business a boost in every step of your growth process. Get in touch with us for professional Korean language services including:

  1. Comics book and manga translation in Korean
  2. Korean video game localization and in-game support
  3. Business document translation in Korean
  4. Software app and website translation in Korean
  5. Korean customer email support and BPO services
  6. Audio and speech data collection in the Korean
  7. Video production services in Korean

In need of a Korean translation and localization service?

Business document translation in Korean

Korean is an agglutinative language. Hence, it is essential that you’re able to communicate effectively in the Korean market using the Korean language. 

With any English to Asian language service and vice versa, CCC International serves clients worldwide. We can translate all types of business documents from Korean to English and in over 30 other languages:

korean translation-ccci

Connect with your Korean-speaking audience and significantly enhance your brand image with our professional Korean translators. To ensure the highest quality standards are met, all of CCCI’s translations go through a multi-step check and proofreading process.

Due to our over 10 years of hands-on experience, we translate Korean to English and English to Korean on time, on a budget, and at scale for our international clients.

Check our Korean language services and request a free quote!

Korean manhwa translation and typesetting

Following Japanese manga, Webtoons, a Korea-born digital comics in vertical format, have recently risen in popularity. If manga has illustrated stories with speech bubbles often in black and white, webtoons are fully colored and drawn in various art styles. Alongside Chinese manhua and Japanese manga translation and typesetting services, we are proud to offer Korean Webtoons official translations to any languages you want. CCCI’s professional manga and comics translators and typesetters provide related services like coloring, verticalization, SFX removal, illustration, EPUB conversion, cleaning, and censoring.

With the expansion of webtoons worldwide and the increasing interest in reading them in different languages, Korean webtoon translation into English is one of the areas where we can notice the growth of the webtoon market.

If you are looking to Korean webtoon translation into English or other languages, we are always on help and call. Contact us to get started with your comics translation into your mother language. Send your most beloved project and let our specialists deliver perfect Korean comics’ English translation service to appeal to your new, casual, and hardcore fans.

Korean video game translation and localization 

South Korea is considered to be one of the most profitable markets with the highest number of skilled gamers. It is the fourth largest games market worldwide. Moreover, the Korean mobile gaming market has a high-speed growth in recent years. Hence, Korean is the third widely-used Asian language for game localization and is among the most targeted languages for video game translation worldwide.

In the context of game localization, a translator should consider the different styles of speech that vary with every region of the country and avoid making the game sound unnatural. Great game localization can make players feel as though the game was written in their mother language.

At CCCI, our professional human game translations cover everything from Korean video game translation and localization, in-game support, to video game voice-over services and game writing projects. We also support a wide range of game development studios and publishing companies to progress their operations and growth in Korea’s massive game market.

Alongside general and specialized translations in Korean, we also offer Korean customer support and other BPO services, audio and speech data collection in Korean, as well as software, mobile app, and website translation and localization in Korean.

Our managers are always on call and chat for any Korean translation project!

CCCI is a one-stop-shop specializing in multilingual translation, localization, and customer support that fits every business needs. Effective communication anywhere in the world is no longer a problem. All Korean translation services below are performed 100% by professional human translators who are native Korean speakers also fluent in English:

✓ Business document translations

✓ E-commerce and marketing translations

✓ Video games localization, in-game support

Government document translation

✓ Social media management and content creation (article, blog, product description, manuals, etc.)

✓ Software, mobile app, website translation, and localization

✓ Rigorous proofreading, quality check, etc.

For professional, fast, and affordable human translation services in 30 and more languages across the globe, get in touch with us!

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