CCC International is a professional translation and localization agency operating internationally. We have more than 10 years of experience in providing top-quality language services: general and specialized translation, manga translation, game localization, multilingual customer support, content creation, audio and speech data collection, and many more. CCCI team offers premium-quality language services at competitive rates across all major industries in the US, Asia, and Europe. Hence, with more than 30 supported languages, we cover high in-demand language pairs such as English, Japanese, French, Russian, Arabic, German, Spanish, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, among others.

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  •   United States   

  •   Russia  

  • France flag  France

  • japanese translation  Japan

  •   Germany

  •   Italy

  •   Portugal

  •   Spain

  •   Philippines

  •   Armenia

  •   India

  •   Korea

  • chinese translation  China

  • turkish translation  Turkey

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  • Georgian translation  Georgia

  • thai translation  Thailand

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  • cambodia Khmer translation  Cambodia

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  • saudi-arabia-arabic-translation  Saudi Arabia

  • Qatar language translation Qatar

  • Dutch translation  Belgium

  • indonesian translation  Indonesia

  • Canada english translation  Canada

  • Hongkong chinese translation  Hongkong

  • Taiwan Mandarin Chinese translation  Taiwan

CCCI provides language services to companies in almost all industries all over the world.

  • ⚙️ IT – software, web content, mobile apps

  • ⚙️ Communication
  • ⚙️ Games
  • ⚙️ Sales and marketing
  • ⚙️ Manufacturing
  • ⚙️ eCommerce
  • ⚙️ Finance
  • ⚙️ Economy
  • ⚙️ Real Estate
  • ⚙️ Telecommunication
  • ⚙️ Education
  • ⚙️ Media
  • ⚙️ Culture
  • ⚙️ Public sector
  • ⚙️ Business
  • ⚙️ Physics
  • ⚙️ Law
  • ⚙️ Literature
  • ⚙️ Social Science
  • ⚙️ Humanities
  • ⚙️ Technology

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Global Translation and Localization Solutions at Scale Using AI With a Human Touch

Professional language services from CCCI’s expert translation and localization team

Areas of Expertise:

Industry-specific translation services

  • Business translation
  • Document translation
  • Legal translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Technical translation
  • Industrial and economic translation
  • Financial translation
Industry-specific translation services

Digital content localization services

  • Game Localization
  • Website Translation and Localization
  • Mobile App Localization
  • Software Localization
digital content localization

Media content creation and translation services

  • Books translation and localization
  • Closed captions, subtitle translation, and localization
  • News, articles, blogs, and content creation and translation
  • Social media management
Media content creation and translation services

Multilingual customer support services

  • Multilingual business process outsourcing (BPO) services
  • Multilingual email support
multilingual email support

Manga and comics services

  • Manga translation and localization
  • Manga verticalization and coloring
  • Webtoon translation and localization
  • Manhwa, manhua, bande dessinée, American comics translation
  • Cleaning and redrawing (removal of SFX) for all comic types
  • Typesetting dialogues and SFX for all comic types
Manga and comics industry support

Other services

  • Over-the-phone, and on-demand interpretation
  • Video and audio production
  • Audio-to-text transcription
  • Timing and video subtitling
  • Professional native proofreading
Professional native proofreading

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Guaranteed quality from CCCI

The quality guaranteed by CCC International is unlike any other. We have premium quality solutions for every business needs in almost every industry. By ensuring precise language services, our business partners get success in expanding new markets. The guaranteed quality of every project is the result of an expert and detail-oriented approach to every project. Rigorous checking and proofreading ensure accuracy and precision in every nook and cranny of our work. Ultimately, behind successful projects stand linguistic experts with technical competence for efficient and effective work and passion for language and human communication.

When it comes to increasing your global reach and engaging with particular demographics or audiences,
you need to put out accurate and clear messages in all of your languages.
You will need to have a partner you can rely on.

Get perfectly translated and localized content from our translation professionals.

More than thousands of companies have trusted us with their projects over 10 years.
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Every project is wonderful. Yours is, too. Today, we’d love to work wonders with you.

Translation, Localization, Internationalization

For the companies that aspire to conquer the world, translation, localization, and internationalization are crucial. They enable brands to reach an entirely new audience by adapting every element for their targeted market. 

We craft the most appropriate localization approach for every project. Whether you want game localization, manga and comic book localization, website or mobile app localization, or branding and marketing materials localization for a specific market, we will provide the language expert that’s best for you. Sounds exactly what you need? The time is ripe for your business to grow. Talk to us today. 

World-Class BPO & Customer Support Services

Here at CCCI, our multilingual customer support team is ready for any globalization challenge. With our responsiveness, flexibility, expertise, and most importantly empathy, we fully meet our clients’ and end users’ most complex needs and have the capacity to handle large and fast-paced projects in 30 and more languages. Benefit from our business process outsourcing services in multiple languages.

No matter in which country your business is, we provide services internationally—be it the US, Europe, or Asia.

A Team of Professional Translators & Localizers

As a professional translation and localization agency, manga translation, game localization, and multilingual support are at the core of CCC International’s services and expertise. We deliver first-rate translation, localization, and all other language services to businesses around the world. Over the last 10 years, we have worked with national and global companies, government institutions, games and manga publishing houses, and talented artists and media icons.

Right now, we have ongoing long-term projects with several partners. Day by day, we build a stronger relationship with stakeholders, strive for higher standards, and help businesses grow. 

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How CCC International works

How CCC International works - order


Send your projects’ brief description to CCCI. We’ll review the provided information, discuss with you as necessary, and send a price quote. 

How CCC International works - translation


After an agreement, our project manager assigns the project to our translators who execute the work on the scope of your instructions.

How CCC International works - Proofreading and quality check

Proofreading and quality check

With rigorous proofreading and style check, we guarantee satisfaction and complete quality work for each project. While using internally developed translation management systems, our output is grounded in human translation, checking, and proofreading.

How CCC International works - Delivery


We have always adhered to our partners’ or clients’ desired timeline. The responsibility we take for each project is a critical step towards enhancing efficiency. We take responsibility for the quality of translation and its management even after delivery.