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Step into the world of professional game customer support with CCCI. As a dedicated provider of top-notch Customer Care and Community Interaction services, we acknowledge the importance of gaming experience. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring every moment in virtual reality is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Whether you’re navigating challenges or seeking to connect with your gaming community, trust CCCI to elevate your gaming journey to new heights.

Multilingual Customer Support in the Gaming Industry

In recent years, the global gaming industry has maintained consistent growth.

According to statistics, the mobile phone gaming market increased by 24%, consoles by 20%, and PCs by 11%. With over two billion gamers worldwide, constituting 26% of the global population, the gaming landscape is more dynamic than ever.

Most video game developers, publishers, and operators try to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing multilingual game customer support. To ensure the best gaming experience for your gaming audience, CCCI provides professional player support services in 30 languages across Europe, Asia, and the US.

Mobile Games 24%
Consoles 20%
PCs 11%

How Game Customer Support Benefits Your Business

To get access to the billion-dollar gaming market and have successful and profitable game projects, you not only need proper game localization, but also game customer support services. Game support allows transitioning from the stage of simply attracting players, to retaining customers and maximizing their lifetime value.

By providing gaming-related assistance, companies can benefit from:

retaining customers and extracting more value from them

creating brand loyalty

growing customer lifetime value

generating positive word-of-mouth about your business

measuring player’s satisfaction level

bolstering business growth

being above customers’ expectations

Outsource Professional Customer Support Services for Gaming Industry Now!

Support Channels

Benefits: Asynchronous communication allows you to detail your queries concisely.

Benefits: Direct and personal assistance for urgent matters.

Benefits: Real-time interaction for quick problem-solving

Case Studies

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CCCI Guarantees

MTPE Services experience project manager

Professional Team

CCCI has an expert team of game localization specialists and native-speakers who are thrilled to create a captivating experience in 30+ languages for game players around the globe.

Game Quality Assurance

CCCI offers quality assurance for games or localization testing which assures that the localized and translated releases are smooth and consistent with the original version.

MTPE Services and HT

10+ Years of Gaming Experience

We’ve worked with numerous game publishers, developers, and large companies for more than a decade to reach their full potential by localizing various game projects.

Full Pack of Gaming Services

From game content and scriptwriting, professional video game voice-over, game translation, localization, up to multilingual in-game support, we provide various services to cater to your needs while focusing on quality and committing to prompt delivery.

Language We Support

Our main languages are English, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Filipino, and Armenian; nonetheless, working with language experts all over the world enables us to support languages in over 30 countries as below.

  • united-stated-flag United States
  • russia-flag  Russia  
  • france-flag  France
  • japan-flag  Japan
  • german-flag  Germany
  • italy-flag  Italy
  • poland-flag  Poland
  • portugal-flag  Portugal
  • spain-flag  Spain

  • philippines-flag  Philippines
  • armenia-flag  Armenia
  • india-flag  India
  • korea-flag  Korea
  • sweden-flag  Sweden
  • china-flag  China
  • turkey-flag  Turkey
  • iran-flag  Iran
  • georgia-flag  Georgia

  • thailand-flag  Thailand
  • malaysia-flag  Malaysia
  • ukraine-flag  Ukraine
  • vietnam-flag  Vietnam
  • mongolia-flag  Mongolia
  • cambodia-flag  Cambodia

  • nepal-flag  Nepal

  • UAE-flag  UAE

  • saudi-arabia-flag  Saudi Arabia

  • belarus-flag  Belarus

  • qatar-flag Qatar
  • belgium-flag  Belgium
  • indonesia-flag  Indonesia

  • canada-flag  Canada

  • hongkong-flag  Hongkong

  • taiwan-flag  Taiwan

  • slovenia-flag  Slovenia

Elevate your gaming experience today – connect with CCCI for expert multilingual support tailored just for you!

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    FAQS About Video Game Localization

    What does localization mean in games?2021-03-15T12:14:54+00:00

    Localizing a video game means retelling a game story in a different language and culture. Mobile and PC game localization involves translating both in-game dialogue and technical parts. A localization agency must take into account essential points like the game’s source and target language, cultural similarities and differences between the languages, genre, industry audience, and many more. After localization, localization testing often follows.

    What’s your process of translating and localizing a video game?2021-03-15T12:14:51+00:00

    Our mobile, PC, browser and console game localization process is as follows: 

    1. You send us details of the game to understand the gameplay: a soft copy of all texts to be translated, videos, other materials necessary. We check all information including word count, the plot of the game, genre, characters, etc. to assess the volume and difficulty of the localization. (Note that a Non Disclosure Agreement can be prepared prior to sharing the above information.)
    2. After checking the project files and discussing the expected delivery date and format, we calculate the price and send you a custom offer. 
    3. After approving the game project offer, we start the translation and localization process.
    4. Our native proofreaders and quality checkers ensure that the project is subjected to detailed quality control.
    5. Output is submitted in the format requested and payment is made. Any reasonable request for minor revisions can be made even after payment.
    What type of games do you translate and localize?2021-03-15T11:44:36+00:00

    We offer game localization and translation services for PC, mobile, browser, or console games across all genres.

    How much does it cost to localize a game?2021-03-15T11:49:02+00:00

    Localization costs vary greatly depending on the volume of the text (determined by the length or complexity of the game), source and target language, and genre and content of the game. Send us materials of your game, and we will provide you with a customized, formal quotation. 

    What are the best languages for game globalization?2021-03-15T11:48:35+00:00

    To expand your market, you need to understand the trends in the game industry. The most asked-to-translate languages in the gaming industry are Japanese to English, Chinese and Korean to English, and English to German. Aside from this, for internationalization in general, it is worthy to note that Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and Vietnamese are among the most widely spoken languages in the world.

    Do you provide customer support for gamers?2021-03-15T11:48:25+00:00

    Besides PC, console, browser, and mobile game translation and localization, we offer publishers and developers multilingual customer support for games. Customer service in the gaming industry includes answering game-related questions, inquiries about game content, navigation, etc. Primarily, it helps to ensure the best gaming experience for players. Setting up a multilingual customer support team for your game is crucial for player satisfaction and, most importantly, retention. 

    How long does it take to localize a game?2021-03-15T11:48:17+00:00

    The timeline for localization varies depending on the volume of the project. Most of our major one-time projects have a one-month timeline, but we can only assess the applicability of this timeline or the feasibility of your requested deadline upon checking the materials and details of the project. Nonetheless, having Quality First in terms of output and time as our core value, we always ensure to meet our partners’ expectations.

    What languages do you cover for video games?2021-03-15T11:47:19+00:00

    Both for quality translation and localization and outstanding in-game customer support, it is necessary to have a solid knowledge of multiple languages. At CCCI, we cover more than 30 European and Asian languages across the globe. Check the list here.

    Are you writing games projects?2021-03-15T11:46:29+00:00

    Sure! One of our newest services is game writing. As an international game localization and multilingual customer support provider for over 10 years, we have thorough game design knowledge and language expertise. This, along with our creative writers who themselves have a background in game engines, has allowed us to build this new service and produce narrative games ourselves.

    What is game localization testing?2021-03-15T11:42:57+00:00

    Game localization testing or quality assurance is the next step after translating your game. Testing ensures that there are no linguistic, cultural, or functional issues in the game translated. Our localization testing service is a supplementary service to our game localization. We also offer this service for your already-translated games.

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