Language services in Filipino

If you are looking for professional language services in Filipino, CCCI provides a complete set of top-notch language solutions to meet your and your international clients’ needs. You can have your business documents professionally translated from English to Filipino and Filipino to other languages. Our Filipino translators have subject matter expertise in different industries and are always ready to assist you with your business translation needs.

Bearing the same corporate philosophy as our Japanese-Filipino company that is “Create a New Story”, CCCI’s linguistic experts provide state-of-the-art multilingual communication into Filipino and 30+ other language pairs across the USA, Europe, and Asia.

With CCCI’s professional human translation services, you’ll communicate effectively with Filipino customers without language barriers.

Here some amazing facts about the Philippines:

🇵🇭 The country is considered to be Asia’s rising tiger. It is among the world’s fastest-growing economies that offer a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

🇵🇭 Being on the constant rise and having growing urbanization, the Philippines offers countless opportunities for business owners to kickstart their vision into reality.

🇵🇭 What’s more interesting is that the Philippine economy withstood the global economic downturn better than any other Asian country, and now it’s is one of the most vibrant economies in the East Asia Pacific region with a booming business sector.

🇵🇭 The Philippines has two official languages, Filipino and English, and approximately 130 languages and dialects. Officially named Filipino, Tagalog is one of the official languages of the Philippines and spoken by seventy million people worldwide. The majority of Filipino citizens are bilingual and multilingual.

English to Filipino and Filipino to English translation

To jumpstart your success in the country’s market, you certainly need professional Filipino translation and language services. When it comes to English to Filipino and Filipino to English human translation services, our translators with huge expertise and knowledge are capable of handling your business translations with high accuracy. We help people pursue, grow, and expand their businesses beyond borders through effective communication materials.

CCC International’s translation team consists of experts and experienced Filipino translators. Here we cover:

  • Filipino document translation
  • Filipino interpretation
  • Filipino video transcription
  • Filipino typesetting and graphics
  • Filipino voiceovers and subtitling
  • Filipino content creation
  • Filipino website translation services

As an international translation company, CCCI has 10+ years of hands-on experience helping global businesses to effectively communicate with customers. Whether your business needs customer email support, financial document translation, website and software localization, or any other kind of business process outsourcing services, we provide outstanding human translation and localization services you can trust. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Filipino translation and localization are at the core of CCCI’s professional expertise. We are highly experienced with Filipino media and pop culture, from the translation of manga and comic books to video games and films. Our native Filipino linguists ensure word-perfect Tagalog translation services to any language needed. CCC International offers the following Filipino language services to our international clients:

  1. Comics book and manga translation into Filipino
  2. Filipino video game localization and in-game support
  3. Business document translation in Filipino
  4. Software app and website translation in Filipino
  5. Filipino customer email support and BPO services
  6. Audio and speech data collection in the Filipino
  7. Video production services in Filipino

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