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The Future of Game Localization: Trends to Watch

Key takeaways Game developers prepare for exponentially high market growth in the future of game localization. Most game localization trends 2024 has to offer involve lucrative opportunities in emerging markets. Game localization services can look forward to growing demand as researchers forecast the market to reach billions by 2030. Table of contents The Importance of Localizing Games The Future Trends of Game Localization [...]

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5 Best Game Customer Support Companies in 2024

Gaming has surged to the forefront of digital entertainment arenas. The industry is about imagination, technical prowess, and creating immersive experiences that connect and inspire. Behind the pixels, the true champions are the game producers, operation managers, and dedicated professionals who resolve technical issues, enhance player satisfaction, and build lasting player loyalty. Undoubtedly, the best video game customer support [...]

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The Power of Multilingual Customer Support in the Gaming Industry

Multilingual customer support can make or break a brand in any industry in this ever-expanding global marketplace. In gaming, where customer experience is critical, having a multilingual support team can give you a competitive advantage. This service allows you to tap into new markets and retain loyal gamers from different regions and cultures. CCC International, the leading provider of [...]

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The Top 7 Most Played Mobile Games of All Time

In an age where mobile devices are an extension of ourselves, the most played mobile games have established themselves as a cornerstone of digital entertainment. At CCC International, we believe these games have transcended beyond mere pastimes as they have become cultural phenomena! Join us as we explore these digital playgrounds and discover the role of mobile game localization [...]

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Tools and Technologies for Professional Video Game Localization

Professional video game localization has emerged as a critical factor in game development, with more people having access to digital devices. In the ever-evolving digital landscape where anywhere is a good place and anytime is a good time for a game, every game developer and video game localizer must know the latest localization tools and technologies to provide high-quality [...]

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Game Customer Support Challenges: Optimizing Player Satisfaction

Game customer support challenges are a critical aspect that gaming companies have to tackle to ensure optimal player satisfaction. In a landscape where player experience is paramount, effective customer service can make all the difference. The industry's nature, characterized by continuous updates, live events, and millions of active users, necessitates robust and efficient support systems. At CCC International, we [...]

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Top 10 Best Action RPG Games of All Time

For those who crave an adrenaline-pumping adventure brimming with epic battles and intricate storylines, the best action RPG games have always been the go-to. Offering a unique fusion of strategic planning and seamless combat, action RPGs deliver an incredibly engaging and dynamic gaming experience. If you are on a quest for the ultimate gaming adventure, look no further. CCCI [...]

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Unveiling the Future: Anticipated Game Releases of 2024

As we stand on the threshold of the future, the highly anticipated game releases of 2024 promise to revolutionize the landscape of PC, console, and mobile gaming! This exciting year will bring us a host of ground-breaking releases, blurring the lines between reality and the virtual world. So, buckle up, gamers, as CCC International dives into a sneak peek [...]

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Best Practices for Mobile Game Localization

Gaming, a pastime that began with humble origins, has become a global phenomenon. It was all about arcades, 8-bit consoles, and simplistic games that offered pure joy in the early days. Fast forward to today, and the gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, with a wide array of genres and platforms capturing audiences' attention worldwide. One crucial cog [...]

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Top 70 Upcoming Video Games in 2023: The Most Anticipated Releases

It's unsurprising how the number of gamers worldwide continuously rises. With the launch of new consoles, more developers have been inspired to develop exciting video games. CCC International also has a team of gamers who deeply understand how thrilling the gaming experience can be. We've also been watching the top upcoming video games in 2023! From fellow gamers to [...]

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