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The Future of Gaming: Localization and Customer Support Still Matter

Many iconic games have already broken through cultural barriers, reaching countless gamers across the world for years. We have the classics like the Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Grand Theft Auto, and more! And when we look at the future of gaming, we will still find these titles standing strong. Why? Because of customer support in gaming and [...]

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7 Most Expensive Video Games to Produce

Video games have undeniably come a long way since Pong and PlayStation. The industry was projected to reach €356.70 billion in 2023, with billions of users and enthusiasts worldwide. We already have countless games to choose from and enjoy! But did you know that producing every video game takes a massive budget? CCC International listed seven of the most [...]

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Translation Services in Gambling Industry: Why is it important?

When it comes to gambling, you know you can't just always rely on beginner's luck. It's especially true when you're among the many players in the global gambling industry! The gambling industry is one of the world's most competitive and fast-growing markets, requiring a certain level of sophistication to keep up with the trends. When dealing with different countries [...]

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Expanding Your Reach: The Value of Multilingual Customer Service

In today's globalized economy, providing excellent multilingual customer service is more important than ever. One aspect of this that is often overlooked is localization. "Localization" refers to the process of adapting a product or service to meet the linguistic, cultural, and other specific requirements of a particular country or region. In this blog post, we will explore the value [...]

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Why is Video Game Localization in Muslim Countries Important?

Religion is one of society's most powerful forces. There may be many differences between different religions, but it's undeniable how each contributes to the culture and identity of its adherents. While all religions have specific traditions, beliefs, and practices that are unique to each faith, there is one thing that all religions share in common: a desire for respect. [...]

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China Gaming Restrictions and Their Influence on The Market

China is no stranger to the gaming industry. The country's game industry has grown exponentially as the world's largest gaming market in recent years. However, with the introduction of stricter China gaming restrictions, many game makers are left scratching their heads. The answer to what the restrictions mean for game developers is that it requires more than just looking [...]

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