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10 Best Family-Friendly Video Games

In 2021, teens aged 13 to 18 in the United States spent an average of 55 minutes on video consoles daily. Many parents find it alarming, especially when many games involve graphic violence. However, not all video games are bad for children and teens. In fact, many family-friendly video games are safe for kids and can also be fun [...]

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German Game Industry: Game Localization in Germany

Key takeaways The German game industry is one of the largest in Europe and the fifth-biggest video game market in the world. Game localization is key to success in any foreign market, and this is especially true for Germany. Game developers in Germany have to consider cultural differences when localizing their games. There are many benefits to being a [...]

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Game industry in Italy: Italian Game Localization

Video games are played across the globe, from Paris to Tokyo to New York City, and are developed on all five continents. Many countries get massive revenue from developing and creating games, but Italy has one notable exception. Why are there not many games produced in Italy? In the following blog, we will be talking about the game industry [...]

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Game Testing Services: Localization Quality Assurance (LQA)

Key takeaways: The challenges of introducing your game to the international market do not end in translation and localization. Game testing services ensure that games are completely ready for the international market. Localization quality assurance covers three integral parts: Linguistic, visual, and functional. Game creators and developers aiming to reach a wider audience must also invest in game quality [...]

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NFT in Video Games: What is an NFT and How Does It Work?

Many people find NFTs quite perplexing. Despite them being popular, many people did not understand them well. So in this blog, you'll find out exactly what they are and why they are profitable as well as how the purchasing procedure works. We will also talk about NFT in video games. We will be covering the utility for NFTs inside [...]

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Top 10 Video Game Publishers in MENA Market

This blog will discuss the market of video game publishers in MENA. in the beginning, there will be a discussion about the MENA gaming market. We will highlight the difference between game publishers VS game developers. We will list a few relatively renowned video game publishers in MENA.  At the end of the blog, we will highlight the importance [...]

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