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Language services in Hungarian

If you are looking for professional language services in Hungarian, CCCI provides a complete set of top-notch language solutions to meet your and your international clients’ needs. Reach millions of Hungarian speakers worldwide with our human Hungarian translation services. 

You can have your business documents professionally translated from English to Hungarian and Hungarian to English and other languages. Our Hungarian translators have subject matter expertise in different industries and are always ready to assist you with your business translation needs.

Here we compile some amazing facts about Hungary and the Hungarian language:

🇳🇱 Located in the heart of Europe, Hungary is one of the favored destinations of foreign direct investment in Europe. Expanding your business to Hungary means getting access to a market of more than 9 million people. 

🇳🇱The Hungarian high-income mixed economy is steadily growing due to constant investments into different industries such as automotive, manufacturing, logistics, etc.

🇳🇱 The strategic position in Europe enables the country to have an open, export-driven economy with a heavy emphasis on foreign trade.

🇳🇱 Its modern economy is a major factor to consider for international firms looking to grow in this country. 

🇳🇱 But setting up and managing business operations in Hungary can be a difficult effort without having local help. Whether you want to establish your business in Hungary or just want to streamline your Hungarian operations, you will need a professional language services provider.

English to Hungarian and Hungarian to English translation

Home to majestic riverside architectural buildings, notable landmarks, stunning vivid culture, and continuous growth as an economic powerhouse in the region, Hungary is one of the top business destinations in Europe.

If your business is in need of official translation from Hungarian to English or English to Hungarian translation services, audio and voice recognition, or other language services, feel free to get in touch with us for professional Hungarian language services. We strive to give each business a boost in every step of its growth process.

  1. Comic books and manga translation in Hungarian
  2. Hungarian video game localization and in-game support
  3. Business document translation in Hungarian
  4. Software app and website translation in Hungarian
  5. Hungarian customer email support and BPO services
  6. Audio and speech data collection in Hungarian
  7. Video production services in Hungarian

As a professional translation company, CCCI has 10+ years of hands-on experience helping global businesses effectively communicate with customers. Whether your business needs customer email support, financial document translation, website and software localization, or any other kind of business process outsourcing services, we provide outstanding human translation and localization services you can trust. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

CCC International’s Hungarian language translators are ready to handle new projects and implement them successfully. Here we cover:

  • Hungarian document translation
  • Hungarian interpretation
  • Hungarian video transcription
  • Hungarian typesetting and graphics design
  • Hungarian voiceovers and subtitling
  • Hungarian content creation
  • Hungarian website translation services

Hungarian document translation

Any translation needs for businesses, government agencies, and departments are welcome. After getting your business or government documents, you may tap our experts working around the clock to deliver diverse language services to and from Hungarian and other international languages for a wide range of official projects.

In need of Hungarian translation and localization services?

For our international, national, and local clients, we provide official and human translation services from and to Hungarian across Europe, Asia, and the USA:

  • Official translation from Hungarian to English and English to Hungarian
  • Hungarian to Russian translation and Russian to Hungarian
  • Hungarian to French and French to Hungarian translation
  • Translation from Dutch to Hungarian and Hungarian to Dutch
  • German to Hungarian, Hungarian to Spanish, and other language pairs.
Hungarian culture-Hungarian translation and language services

Manga translation in Hungarian

The counterpoint to Western comics, manga, has conquered the hearts of hundreds of millions of avid readers worldwide including Hungary. The demand for manga in Hungary has increased in recent years. Most Hungarian anime fans also like to read Japanese manga while or after having seen the anime version.

As a leading manga translation and typesetting company, CCCI offers Hungarian manga translation, typesetting, coloring, verticalization, illustration, EPUB conversion, cleaning, and censoring.

Apart from Japanese manga translation, we also provide French bande dessinée, Korean manhwa, Chinese manhua, and other digital comics like Webtoon translation into Hungarian, English, and 30+ other languages you need.

Our manga translators and typesetters work with industry-standard graphics editing software and deliver the pages in high-resolution formats. Among the most popular manga genres are shōnen, seinen, and shōjo for which we provide manga translation and typesetting from Japanese to Hungarian, English, French, German, etc.

CCCI works with manga publishing companies and authorized distributors in Japan and other countries. Thanks to our extensive experience, we meet demanding timescales and complete the work for a competitive price. To read your favorite manga in Hungarian, just contact CCCI’s professional language translators!

Hungarian video game translation and localization

The video gaming industry worldwide is on its way to becoming a huge sphere to invest in and have constant success. Parallel to the growth of the global gamer community, the need for accurate and proper game localization is increasing.

Like most European countries, Hungary also has avid gamers who consider video game playing as a fantastic and entertaining variety. 

The most interesting part is that the mobile, PC, and console gaming market has been growing substantially over the last several years. Gaming is one of the top forms of entertainment in Hungary.

If you are a game publishing and developing company, your aim might be to reach more players and ensure a positive gaming experience. One of the main factors to consider before entering the Hungarian gaming market is to offer the players accurately translated and localized video games in their native language. 

Trust your project to CCCI’s professional game translators who are able to convey all the game content and additional materials to your target audience’s native language. With us, you’ll obtain high-quality video game translations. 

Our experts in English to Hungarian video game translation will help game producers and developers localize video games, VR and AR systems, consoles, indie, RPG, or AAA games, etc.

At CCC International, we provide Hungarian game services such as:

  • Game translation and localization
  • In-game customer support
  • Game writing projects
  • Localization of all media and various types of text including packaging, graphics, subtitles, etc.
  • Video game voice-over services
  • General and specialized translation of documents, websites, marketing materials, business manuals, etc.

CCC International operates across Europe, Asia, and the US by delivering services in up to 30 languages in almost all industries: software and web development, mobile apps and games, sales and marketing, manufacturing, eCommerce, and many more.

Our project managers are always on call and chat for any Hungarian translation project!

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