CCCI is an international language and translation agency and a professional translation services provider. It is on a mission to help companies enter foreign markets and target new customers through professional translation services and localization. We provide effective multilingual communication – translation services such as (specializing in website content, games, and comics), interpretation, localization, content creation, customer support, business translation services and email campaigns.

We operate across Europe, Asia, and the US by delivering services in up to 30 languages in almost all industriessoftware & web development, mobile apps & games, sales and marketing, manufacturing, eCommerce, and many more.

Our mantra is “Create a new story” which encompasses all that we do and all that we are. New stories represent new growth opportunities for our partners with the language services we offer – professional multilingual translation and localization. Besides, we provide new and unique services to the world – from Manga translation, Games localization, Data collection, Video production, Email support and BPO Services, to Social media management and content creation. Our “Create a new story” mantra also encompasses providing new work opportunities for the communities we belong to.

By engaging top-class business translators and professional linguists, we ensure that any message will be accurately translated and adapted to its new market – UK or US, Canada or South America, France or Spain, Germany or Switzerland, Saudi Arabia or Japan, whatever your scope is and wherever your passion lies.

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Manga translation and localization from Japanese to English, French, Spanish, and other languages, comic book coloring, verticalization, cleaning and redrawing, typesetting or removal of SFX

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Multilingual support for the gaming industry including PC and mobile game localization, gaming translation services by professional game translators, in-game customer support services

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Social media content creation and management across all social channels, video and audio production, article and blog writing, consistent social media messaging, creation of website content, and press releases

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Professional translation of specialized and non-specialized texts in almost every field – from business documents translation to news, books, articles, blogs, fiction, textbooks, closed captions, manuals, and many more

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Multilingual business process outsourcing (BPO) services from chat and email support, over-the-phone, and on-demand interpretation to audio-to-text transcription, timing and video subtitling services

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If you’re planning to do business around the world, you’ll need to translate and localize your website, mobile app, documents, projects, or other materials. Having your message crafted in English, you possess only a slice of the pie. Count on us! We support multiple language pairs for our clients and partners to enhance the consumer experience and expand brand reach through our professional translation services and localization.

We are a translation agency where we empower our clients to speak in their customer’s languages so they can be excellent in the most important language of all – exceptional customer service and world-class business translation services. 

From artists and musicians, entertainment and news websites, IT and retail industries, local and national television channels, indie and giant game and comic publishers, up to national governments, our clients and the work we do for them are our pride and joy. We are proud to support brands with global professional translation and localization solutions towards their growth and global expansion in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

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A choice that makes the difference…

We give you the opportunity to communicate with your clients in a great deal of languages anywhere, anytime.

We understand that there are thousands of companies that offer multilingual translation and localization services. But having obvious advantages we can surely say that we are a step ahead! Just give us a buzz!

We guarantee: 

  • Deliver the highest standards of quality

  • Consistent communication from start to the end

  • Professional language translations that are accurate and current

  • Reasonable prices

  • Information security

  • A dedicated and proactive team of native business translation experts

  • Quality check

  • Rigorous proofreading

  • Localization depending on culture and context

  • The best quality at the best price!

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CCCI experienced team icon

Experienced Team

We take great pride in our native-speaking translators and content creators with a proven track record. Our multilingual customer support and professional translation services team covers more than 30 European and Asian languages across all countries of Europe, Asia, and the USA.

CCCI 10+ years of experience

10+ Years of Experience

Having more than ten years of consistent working experience in language translation services and localization, our highly experienced team of translators and managers collaborates closely with you throughout our engagement. Furthermore, we know how to minimize distortions of any message.

CCCI guaranteed quality

Guaranteed Quality

We strive for consistent excellence! As an international language and professional translation service provider, we offer top-notch accurate translations with native checks for businesses and individuals at fair prices. Count on us for any linguistic needs you may have.

CCCI fast and timely delivery

Fast & Timely Delivery

As an international business translation services company, we deliver every project in a timely manner across different time zones. Whether it’s Spanish, French, German, Korean, Chinese, or Japanese, we make sure to provide fast and accurate interpretation, transcription, and localization services.


Our main languages are English, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Filipino, and Armenian; nonetheless, working with language experts all over the world enables us to support languages in over 30 countries as below.

  •   United States   

  •   Russia  

  • France flag  France

  • japanese translation  Japan

  •   Germany

  •   Italy

  •   Portugal

  •   Spain

  •   Philippines

  •   Armenia

  •   India

  •   Korea

  • chinese translation  China

  • turkish translation  Turkey

  • Persian translation  Iran

  • Georgian translation  Georgia

  • thai translation  Thailand

  •   Malaysia

  • Vietnamese translation  Vietnam

  •   Mongolia

  • cambodia Khmer translation  Cambodia

  • Nepali translation  Nepal

  • UAE Arabic tranlsation  UAE

  • saudi-arabia-arabic-translation  Saudi Arabia

  • Qatar language translation Qatar

  • Dutch translation  Belgium

  • indonesian translation  Indonesia

  • Canada english translation  Canada

  • Hongkong chinese translation  Hongkong

  • Taiwan Mandarin Chinese translation  Taiwan


  • Produced the first Jose Rizal (Philippines’ national hero) manga in collaboration with a Japanese publishing company

  • Over 50,000 manga pages translated and typeset, and 10 manga titles colored and verticalized

  • More than 25 game titles supported

  • Collaborated with Japanese and Philippine government and NGO, and Japanese national media (NHK and TBS) for translation and interpretation works

  • Over 10 clients supported for social media management, news article, and blog creation

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