Recently, the need for web novels translation services is increasing since they started gaining popularity.

Ardincaple defines web novels as free-to-read or pay-to-read novels published online. Typically serialized, web novel authors publish stories one chapter at a time, and readers have to wait for the next installment to find out what happens next. The genre fiction is already popular in East Asia, and its next destination is the rest of the world!

When discussing web novels, countries like China and South Korea come to mind. In South Korea, mobile apps such as Naver Webtoon, Kakao Page, and SERIES allow readers to access and enjoy web novels. In China, the genre fiction has been continuously gaining popularity since the early 2000s, and fans have already listed many web novels as “classics.”

Nightfall, Solo Leveling, A Villainess For the Tyrant, and more are just some of the titles that made it big in East Asia. Web novels have also spawned successful franchises, with some stories being adapted into movies, dramas, and even manhwa or comics. Web novels have the potential to make it even bigger, and the team at CCCI can help you with that.

With the audio option for many web novels, authors and publishers have more chances of getting noticed worldwide. Web novels are already engaging; what more if the readers could hear the characters come alive in their language? Audio clip translation is no small feat, and CCCI’s team of experienced translators is more than up for the challenge.

3 Reasons for Web Novel Translation

Web novels may not be as big as other genres yet, but writers and publishers shouldn’t underestimate their potential. There are already millions of web novel readers in Asia, and there’s a growing demand for web novels overseas. If you’re wondering why you should make a web novel translation your next project, here are three reasons that are enough to convince you:

Web Novels are Quickly Becoming a Global Phenomenon

Just like how manga, manhwa, and webtoons have already made waves overseas, web novels are the next big thing. Translation services for web novels can attract more readers and increase your story’s recognition worldwide. Many Chinese web novel translation projects have brought titles to global markets, and one can be your chance to make a big break.

Many websites and mobile apps already allow fans to read web novels, meaning you don’t have to worry about marketing or making a new platform. As a writer or publisher, all you have to focus on is making your web novel available in other languages. Your audience is already waiting for you!

Audio Clips and Web Novels Translation
Audio clips and web novels translation