Language services in Japanese

CCCI is a one-stop-shop specializing in multilingual translation, localization, and customer support, an offshoot of Creative Connections & Commons Inc., a Japanese-founded Philippine company with the corporate philosophy “Create a New Story.

One of our main target languages is Japanese. Our Japanese bilingual and native translators with years of translation and localization experience will help you to expand your business to Japanese-speaking countries.

Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, is a lucrative market for international and local companies seeking to do business in overseas markets. Here are a few facts why you should reach out to Japan and translate your content into Japanese:

🇯🇵 Businesses expanding to Japan gain access to a large and broad-based market with a hundred and twenty million sophisticated consumers.

🇯🇵 Japanese people are enthusiastic fans of both innovative modern technologies and quality products imported from foreign countries.

🇯🇵 Japanese, an East Asian language, is spoken by over 130 million people, primarily in Japan and Japanese emigrant communities.

🇯🇵 This fascinating language has extremely complicated writing and speaking system making it difficult for English or other non-Japanese speakers to learn and interpret.

🇯🇵 Japanese is 9th on the list of the most in-demand languages in the world.

Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation 

Japanese translation and localization are at the core of CCCI’s professional expertise. We are highly experienced with Japanese media and pop culture, from the translation of manga and comic books to video games and films. Our native Japanese linguists help businesses reach an enormous number of Japanese-speaking audiences located in Japan, the United States, Brazil, Guam, the Philippines, and other countries. CCC International offers the following Japanese language services to our international clients:

  1. Japanese manga and comics book translation
  2. Japanese video game localization and in-game support
  3. Business document translation in Japanese
  4. Software app and website translation in Japanese
  5. Japanese customer email support and BPO services
  6. Audio and speech data collection in Japanese
  7. Video production services in Japanese

In need of a Japanese translation and localization service?

Japanese manga and comic books translation

Japanese manga is one of the most popular art forms not only in Japan but also in the US, Canada, France, the UK, Germany, and many other countries that enter the realm of mainstream or pop culture.

Manga has undeniably become Japanese culture crusader. The popularity of manga has in recent years ballooned across the globe. Currently, there is a huge domestic demand and industry for manga, comic books, anime, and graphics novels in Japan, France, the US, and many other countries.

Here at CCCI, we specialize in comics books and raw manga translation from Japanese to English, Arabic, French, German, and other Asian and European languages.

Apart from Japanese manga translation, we translate and localize Korean manhwa and Chinese manhua, French bande dessinée, and other digital comics like Webtoon into English and 30+ other languages you need.

As avid fans of manga and anime, we manage to capture every nuance of manga stories and perfectly underscore each mood and move during manga translation.

CCCI is the leading provider of professional Japanese comics book and manga translation. Thus, among our manga and comics services, we also offer manga typesetting, verticalization, coloring, illustration, EPUB conversion, cleaning, and censoring as individual services.

To capture the true essence of Japanese manga and comics in another language, drop us a note!

Japanese game localization and in-game support

As the home base for Nintendo and Sony, Japan is Asia’s second-largest mobile game market with more than $11 billion in total revenue. Hence, Japan’s influence on gaming culture worldwide spans decades.

Most Japanese gamers grew up enjoying anime and manga. So local developers, as well as foreign gaming companies, continue to produce quality games by tapping into those aesthetics.

With an increasingly savvy gaming audience, game makers in Japan seek quality, precise and reasonable solutions for grasping foreign entertainment markets. On the other hand, this tech-savvy country is attractive for many international games developing companies.

In both conditions, professional Japanese game localization and