Top 10 In-Demand Language Pairs for Business

Businesses planning to expand overseas are motivated by new revenue potential and higher ROI. Moreover, marketing your business in in-demand language pairs can indirectly provide a wider audience and increased sales.

If you are planning to expand your business, you have to ask yourself essential questions. First, is your business is actually suited to succeed in international markets?

New market = new opportunities = new risks.

As well, businesses going global have many barriers to overcome. One of those is language and cultural differences between the country you are originally from and the one you are about to enter.

Entrepreneurs and business owners who constantly seek translation services are buyers of the translation market. Buyers should keep track of the demand for languages to reach their global marketing objectives. Additionally, they should localize and translate business documents, slogans, marketing initiatives, campaigns, websites, product/service manuals, and many more. Focusing on the right in-demand language pairs and getting down to the nitty-gritty create an opportunity to reach a broader customer base.

Consequently, choosing one of the top in-demand language pairs makes communication easier with new target market customers. This also ensures that your business is available to the market in its native language.

In this article, we will give you an overview of the growing translation industry and introduce the top in-demand language pairs for business translation.

Basically, demand is highest in pairs involving English. This is not surprising as English is the global official language of 53 countries. Over 400 million people worldwide speak it as their native or non-native language.

Below are the top 10 in-demand language pairs:

  1. English – Spanish
  2. English – Chinese
  3. English – French
  4. English – German
  5. English – Japanese
  6. English – Arabic
  7. Spanish – Portuguese
  8. English – Russian
  9. English – Portuguese
  10. English – Italian

English to Spanish Business Translation

After English, Spanish with its numerous dialects is the 2nd most spoken language worldwide. English to Spanish translation is one of the first steps many businesses make before expanding internationally. There are about 40 million Spanish native speakers, and for over 60 million people, Spanish is a second language. Hence, the Spanish language is crucial for any English-speaking businesses that want to reach Hispanic markets like Mexico, Spain, or other Latin American countries.

To capitalize on the Hispanic target market and connect with business partners in Spain or Latin America, English-Spanish translation is essential. Likewise, communication with Spanish-speaking customers in their language will increase sales volume by up to 7 times in comparison with using just English.

Due to that, many businesses nowadays are adding Spanish translation to their websites. Therefore, this is to ensure the acquisition and retention of an enormous potential customer base.

Before entering a Spanish-speaking market, you need English to Spanish translation of company or product manuals, website, documents, etc. Furthermore, it is worthy to note and understand that there are differences between Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, as well as dozens of Spanish dialects.

As a Spanish business translation professional, we’ll help you achieve your objectives in local, national, and international markets by providing English to Spanish business translations.

English-Spanish translation

English to Chinese Business Translation

Despite being the hardest languages to learn, Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese continue to spread all over the world. Consequently, English to Chinese translation demand is growing rapidly.

It is not surprising that China is a “dream-market” for almost all businesses. This is because it has the second-largest economy with the world’s fastest-growing customer market. Besides, Chinese has the largest number of speakers not only in mainland China but also in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, etc.

The language barrier is, therefore, the most important hurdle to overcome when entering the Chinese-speaking market with any of these countries. As it is as mentioned a highly complicated language, fluency is all the more an essential component for future success.

For these reasons, professional English to Chinese translation enjoys an increase in demand to prevent embarrassing problems for businesses such as marketing and localization mistakes.

So, if you’re looking to market in China, a giant in the international business world, have a strong grasp of the language and its variations. Get in touch with us for a professional English-Chinese business translation.

English-Chinese Translation

English to French Business Translation

French is the language of love! According to statistics, French is the official language in 29 countries with over 300 million speakers across the five continents. Alongside English, this rich and melodious language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

French is a highly necessary language for international growth. Thus, English to French translation is essential for multilingual communication. Localizing your content for the French-speaking countries is equally important as learning the language as an individual to be globally competent. Hence, French is ranked as one of the top three most useful languages in business.

Having second thoughts about French website translation? Here are a few helpful statistics. France is one of the biggest e-commerce markets, and all over the world, 9 out of 10 internet users do online shopping.

Unlock new opportunities to enter one of the world’s largest economies and a leading destination for foreign investment. Partner with CCCI for your professional French business translations.

English-French translation

English to German Business Translation

German is another widely-spoken language with 95 million native speakers worldwide. Additionally, interest in the German language is growing rapidly day by day. Although the language is famous for its long, unique words that are hard to translate into other languages, English-German translation need is increasing.

International companies attempt to enter the German market for economical and business-related purposes. This is because Germany is an economic powerhouse with rich markets always attracting foreign investors. Given these circumstances, neglecting the importance of accurate German language translation and localization may cost a fortune and cause loss of profit.

The German-speaking countries are mainland Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Namibia, etc. Nonetheless, English to German translation is necessary in every part of the world – US, Canada, Great Britain, Asia, and, of course, Europe, where there are not only German citizens, but also immigrants or populations with German ancestry. Also, note that German has several dialects apart from what is spoken in Germany. Vocabulary, colloquialisms, and grammar differences must be taken into account if you decide to market in different countries with German as an official language.

English-German translation

Don’t lose your chance to effectively sell in multiple markets with a huge audience. If you need English to German translation for your website, business documents, game projects, or any other resources, get in touch with us at CCCI. Our German-speaking agents will help you succeed in your global business ambitions by breaking down linguistic and cultural roadblocks.

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