As a professional multilingual translation company, CCC International operates across Europe, Asia, and the US. We deliver top-notch language services in up to 30 languages in almost all industries. Hence, top-level translators cover high in-demand language pairs such as English, Japanese, French, Russian, Arabic, German, Spanish, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, among others. Our team of leaders and language experts specializes in a wide range of services – manga and comics translation, game localization, content creation, BPO services, audio and speech data collection, and other multilingual solutions.

At CCCI, a full-service translation agency, we make sure that our translators have years of experience within the industry. In this way, we help numerous companies to overcome language and cultural barriers through professional business translation services. 

In the following article, we shed light on the industries that are in need of translation services the most. This list is not finite as businesses are growing constantly and requiring translation services all the time.

Travel and Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry is global by nature, and it’s only getting more so, with more people traveling abroad and more hotels opening in new and exciting destinations. But with opportunity comes challenges – notably the huge amount of competition in the travel industry. So, how can you make your brand stand out from the crowd and entice travelers to choose your hotel, airline, attraction, or package? One of the most impactful things you can do is translate your content into the native languages of your target travelers. By speaking their language, you can ensure your message is understood by your target audience and connect with them on a deeper level.

Medical Industry

The healthcare sector is one of the main fields where translation services are dominant. The healthcare sector needs medical translations for medicine prescriptions, medical reports, explaining the medical terms in a particular language, among many other tasks. Medical translations help people to know the diagnosis and treatment in their language. It also helps the doctors to take corrective measures and treatments according to the translated reports; thus, a medical translator has to know and convey the exact meaning of medical terms. In this industry, the accuracy of translation is of the highest priority given that a person’s health is at stake.

Legal Industry

Legal translation requires a translator with a legal background. A paralegal or an attorney legal translator has experience translating various types of legal documents, including contracts, court and witness transcripts, written and audio confidentiality agreements, wills, legal disclaimers, and more.