There are over 330 million companies worldwide, all competing in different industries and for different target markets. Each business provides products and services that seek to differentiate themselves from their competitors. And if there’s one excellent way to market a business is to have a website and translate it into multiple languages. If so, what are the top languages to translate your website into?

As a website translation company, CCC International is ready to share insights on the importance of websites for business and the languages you should consider translating websites into. Whenever you’re ready to reach more people across the globe and take your business to the next level, read on…

Key Takeaways:

  • The top five languages to translate your website into are Chinese Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, French, and Arabic.
  • When you translate your website to Chinese Mandarin, you access over one billion potential customers worldwide.
  • Understanding your target audience and analyzing your competitor’s strategies before translating your website is essential for success. Investing in human website translation and professional translation services is also best.
  • Professional website translation is critical to ensuring your content is accurately translated, localized, and optimized for target markets.
  • Website localization services differ from translation services by emphasizing contextualizing language for the target audience.

Table of Content:

languages to translate your website

Why Does Your Website Need Translation?

Did you know that there are over five billion internet users worldwide? That fact alone makes us understand why websites are crucial in today’s business world. 71% of businesses have a website making 28% of business conducted online.

Building a website is the first step to reaching your target audience. But what happens if your target audience speaks an entirely different language? What should you do to help your website perform optimally? CCCI says you need website translation. Here are the four most significant benefits of a website translation:

SEO Benefits

Translating your website into multiple languages increases visibility in search engines. It also builds backlinks from other websites in various languages, which helps your website rank higher in search engine results.

Expanded Brand Reach

Of course, with increased visibility and higher rank in search results, you also reach target potential customers in other countries. People who need your products or services will know you even if they don’t speak the same language!

World-Class Customer Experience

People from different countries can easily access your products, read about your services, and contact you for support. They’ll know they can trust your company because you provide a smooth user experience they can understand.

Boost In Traffic and Revenue

Translating your website into other languages will help you reach a wider audience and increase traffic. This benefit ultimately results in higher revenue, increased business opportunities, and more positive customer relationships!

5 Languages to Translate Your Website In 2023

Now that we’ve established the importance of websites and the benefits that translation provides, here are the top five languages to translate your website into:

  1. Chinese Mandarin
  2. Hindi
  3. Spanish
  4. French
  5. Arabic

🇨🇳 Chinese Mandarin

There are over 900 million Chinese Mandarin first language speakers, making the language the second most spoken language globally. That means when you translate your website to Chinese Mandarin, you make it available to over one billion potential customers.

🇮🇳 Hindi

Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world, with over 300 million first-language speakers. It’s one of India’s official languages, and India is the second most populous country worldwide. There are more than 600 million total number of speakers of Hindi!

🇪🇸 Spanish

When it comes to the most widely spoken language among native speakers, Spanish ranks second. The language has more than 470 million first-language speakers and more than 500 million total speakers. Twenty-one countries speak Spanish, so your business can reach those markets with a website translation.