These days, it’s easy for us to play a great deal of games on different platforms, such as on mobiles, computers, online, and social media where millions are easily accessible. One of the entertainments for players is to get a game developed specifically for them by cultural context. Therefore, if you’re producing your game in your language or culture alone, in this case English to Arabic translations, you could lose a wide range of potential players!

Targeting players in their native languages will add credibility and encourage more of them to download and play the game, especially since you need to knock on the doors of all categories, which in return will create a future need to settle the games. Localization/translation of games is an easy way to satisfy your customer and accordingly access wider markets and more players.

In the following blog we will be giving an example of the importance of games and media English to Arabic translations. International companies that want to translate games, media and entertainment in the Arab World should focus on English to Arabic translations as English is the first language source to translate from.

English to Arabic Video Game Translation in MENA 

Moreover, in determining which markets to settle, English to Arabic translations help game producers to accommodate the Arabic market’s cultural and linguistic needs and their preoccupation with games and others.

English to Arabic video game translation in MENA is flourishing as this service is bringing more international companies to the Arab market. in order to decide whether games are acceptable in the market or not, and as you delve deeper into this culture, you realize the suitability of your localized game to the market and its sales ratio.

For example, you can expect great success in the Middle East for a car racing-type game, so whenever it includes multiple languages, players are happy to play your game in every culture. Therefore, English to Arabic translations of games have shown great potential for investment. English to Arabic translations agencies are popping up all over the Arab world especially in Egypt and Dubai.

Conversely, companies that focus on a particular market and address it in their native languages reduce the risk of wasting money on localization or avoiding market challenges. Yet this is not a 100% business for the entertainment industry, especially games. According to the Newzoo Global Games Market Report, the number of players around the world will increase from 1.21 billion players to 1.55 billion players, while phone games will increase at an annual rate of 19% for smartphones and 48% for tablets, with a profit of $19.9 billion It will capture $10.0 billion in 2016, respectively, and will account for 27.8% of the market share, up 10% from this year.

So how is English to Arabic translations of games done? Generally speaking, whenever you get context-related details from the game developer about all aspects, such as the personality of the speaker, the personality of the listener, the way they talk, and the timing of the conversation, it becomes easy for the translator to find the right way to start translating, and putting the right timing to talk in each line in tables would provide a lot of help, and also you should not be surprised if you see your translators extracting the meaning only meant in translation, in an attempt to be consistent with the duration of their appearance.

Arabic – English Media Translation: Methodology and Examples

Media translation is another way to explore the unknown, to know the news of others, and you are sitting in your own place, and what is more important is that the world has become like a small village, and the border has been removed, and it has become just flimsy lines on maps, as well as for means of transportation, which has witnessed terrible modernity, and we can travel the distance between the cities of Yerevan and New York in the United States in 16 hours, and that distance is estimated at more than ten thousand kilometers, and this was a path of impossible in the past, and there The entanglement of citizens of all countries at the moment, economic, political and cultural relations, as well as the social aspects of their friendships among all, and in the community of this increased interest in the media; it is the first means of knowing what is going on around us, and in this article we will review distinct paragraphs regarding Arabic – English media translation including the challenges of Arabic to English translation and subtitling.

Press texts may seem easy at first glance, but appearances are deceptive. Arabic – English media translation, including Arabic to English Translation and Subtitling, is actually a skill that is always difficult to master. The problem is rarely in difficult terms but rather stems from the differences between the Arab and English journalistic styles. Not only should a skilled translator be attentive to the cultural context, but he must also master writing in a journalistic style when translating. Here are two of the most common challenges of Arabic – English media translation between:

1. Adaptation versus direct translation

When the meaning is communicated from one language to another, the process is rarely straightforward. The meaning must be tailored to the customs of the target language to look familiar to the reader or the listener. While the brief language that merely illuminates the basic facts is the strength of the English journalistic style, the Arabic journalistic style can be more complex, especially in the context of political analysis. Hence, English to Arabic translations require linguists to reformulate sentences and divide long sentences into clear English prose sentences, while translation into Arabic requires that the linguist expands the text, avoid abbreviations and use a stylized method of linking sentences.

2. Speed

Media organizations are operating faster today than ever before. Any long delay between the publication and translation of an article in its original language wastes precious hours in the news world. For this reason, global translation teams are necessary in this context as one of the team’s translators or language auditors can complete the work of the translator or other language auditor to shorten valuable minutes before publication.

CCCI – Professional English to Arabic Video Game Translation and Localization

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