The Arabic language is ranked as the fourth most in-demand language all over the world. Our Arabic translators will help you with all kinds of Arabic to English and English to Arabic translation and localization projects.

English to Arabic Translations of Games and Media

These days, it's easy for us to play a great deal of games on different platforms, such as on mobiles, computers, online, and social media where millions are easily accessible. One of the entertainments for players is to get a game developed specifically for them by cultural context. Therefore, if you're producing your game in your language or culture [...]

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Arabic Translation and Localization Challenges: An In-Depth Look

Translation Translation is defined as the process of transferring speech from one language of origin to another language, with the need to maintain the transmission of speech in a way that preserves the meaning. Moreover, each translator has a style of his/her own, but he/she is required to stay away from literal translation. Localization Localization (or, in the [...]

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Arabic Video Game Culture in the Middle East

A brief description of the Middle East’s video game culture Arabic video game culture is highly influenced and dominated by '80s cartoons and anime such as: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Nu, pogodi!" "Captain Tsubasa," when they were first translated to Arabic and localized to fit the rich and diverse Arabic video game culture. It is understandable if [...]

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