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Our director Anne is a language enthusiast at CCC International. In addition to her love of content creation, she enjoys learning different languages, loves music and writing, and is also a singer-songwriter. She uses her huge expertise and knowledge to help companies and consumers reach their goals without communication and language barriers.

Manga in America

Manga: Japan’s Pop Culture Crusader From being a major entertainment media in Japan since the post-war era, manga or Japanese comics, along with anime, has undeniably become the country's "pop culture crusader" on the global stage. For some, manga even serves as a gateway to Japanese art and culture appreciation. (On the other hand, manga artists, called mangaka [...]

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The Art of Comics, Manga, and Anime

Comics, manga, and anime are three of the most popular art forms in the contemporary world. In this article, we will try to explore their origins and definitions, as well as try to differentiate them from one another as interrelated as they may be. We will also look into how they have developed commercially amid globalization and the dawn [...]

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