Key takeaways:

  • On the same day the physical comics are put on sale, you can also purchase their digital version.
  • Some comics publishers tend to include bonus materials in online comics.
  • DC and Marvel seem to be among the most popular publishers who offer digital comic books.
  • Translation of non-English comic books can be found on platforms such as Comixology.

Table of content 

  • Digital Comic Book readers
  • List of Best 7 Digital Comics of All Time
  • CCCI – Digital Comics Translation Services

Are you looking to get into digital comics, but you can’t figure out which book to start with, which service you need to sign up for, or even if it’s worth doing over physical copies. Then this blog will discuss several issues related to digital comic books. We will suggest a list of the top 7 digital comic books to read. We will also talk a bit about the translation of non-English comic books and the way to get comics online for free.

Digital Comic Book Readers

Let’s start with a discussion about the concern that digital comics will probably kill physical comics. This is more opinion-based, but you might be reading this blog because you want to transition from physical to digital. You don’t know if it’s something that you’ll have to do anyway eventually. At first, times do change, unfortunately, and certain things develop to the point where other things become obsolete. It’s always hoped local comic shops will stick around. However, they have transitioned out of comics in the last couple of years to continue to survive. Now comic shops are more just about collectibles such as statues and other things than the actual printed book. 

Note: The market for translation of non-English comic books has noticed growth in the past few years after comics publishers turned to publishing comics online for free.

Comics was one of the entertainment mediums that was relatively late to get into digital. They’re still in their infancy, even though it’s been about 10 years since the New 52. They are still trying to find the feat they’re adapting to having these unlimited services. When those services pick up, that’s when digital comic books will end up progressing even further than physical.

However, some people started reading comics when they were teenagers. Truthfully, suppose we’re being honest with ourselves. How many teenagers nowadays would go into a local comic shop randomly without background knowledge and get into comics that way. In contrast, most of them now have a phone, access the internet, and probably have a tablet that they can read on. Therefore, although it would be a significant loss if local comic shops ended up dying due to digital comic books taking off, it’s also essential for the hobby to continue surviving as a whole.

Note: New generations of comics readers prefer to read comics online for free as they are more accessible than the traditional physical ones.

However, the happy middle ground between physical and digital comic books is that you may think of getting them digitally for any single issue you want to read. Then you will buy the collected edition. Eventually, people will find their balance. I think collected editions will take more of a precedent over single issues. As well as, it could be the case that single issues go entirely digital. Then it’s only the collected editions that people can get physically. There will be people who have only read comics physically, and maybe they love going to the comic shop every week. Hopefully, they can still maintain that routine even if digital comic books become more popular.

List of Best 7 Digital Comics of All Time

1. Batman: Curse of the White Knight

Batman Curse of the White Knight Comics

This is one of the best Batman stories of all time. Joker escapes from Arkham with help from the crooked warden. Next, the White Knight is reading Alfred’s letter. After he passes away, Bruce is still tormented by the events and loss of his father figure, but he seems to be moving on and finally feels it’s time to look for the gift Alfred mentions in the letter. Finding an old book titled Edmond Wayne dated 1685 finally, Batman and Dick Grayson argue about whether now is the time to reveal his identity

2. Doomsday Clock

Doomsday Clock Comics

Doomsday Clock series starts with the Watchmen world finding out that Adrian Veidt manufactured the alien squid invasion so that the world would unite against the common threat. However, when they find this out, the world starts to destroy itself. Once again, and even though we already knew Dr. Manhattan was responsible for the changes in the DCU and the multiverse, in this series, we see him fully admit he’s the one responsible for meddling with the DC timelines and changing things within it. He’s the one responsible for flashpoint and the new 52. the one responsible for the original Wally West being written out of existence, and he’s why Superman’s earth parents, John and Martha Kent, were killed.