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Global K-webtoon Market Popularity: Endless Growth Potential

Key Takeaways: The South Korean webtoon industry had 1 trillion won ($843 million) sales in 2020. Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and India were the countries where K-webtoon market popularity was the highest in 2021. The webtoon market size reached $3,673 million in 2021. Naver Webtoon has acquired 100 billion won ($84 million) monthly gross merchandise value and 82 million active [...]

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Top K-dramas Based on Popular Webtoons

Should I choose to read the webtoon or to watch the K-drama first? This is a very common question not only for webtoon fans but also manga and anime ones. Some people are fond of reading and imagining the scenes in their heads, while others prefer to watch K-dramas and be enthralled by lovely actors and actresses. Like many [...]

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