This blog will take heed of the international game companies that want to develop Video games localization into Arabic, and have an expansion in the UAE or the Arab world. Meanwhile, the blog will mention game development companies in UAE, and several remarks about the gaming industry in the UAE. At the end of the blog, we will highlight the UAE’s expansion, importance and advantages of CCCI’s localizing games Into Arabic services.

Key takeaways: 

  • The gaming industry in the Middle East has gained 2 billion dollars in revenue last year.
  • The proportion of gamers in the region increased to 70 million last year.
  • UAE is dominating the Gulf area in the gaming field. It is so interesting that Arabic is mainly used as the first official language, however, the majority of the population is foreign.
  • UAE is also adding additional support to the industry, as well as additional players joining the sector, which will therefore boost expansion.
  • Video game localization into Arabic is promoted by the UAE government along with other governments in the region through numerous encouraging regulations.
  • Nico Partners has reported that the gaming market in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt is estimated to be worth 3 billion dollars in five years.
  • This week, we highlight some of the most innovative game development companies in the UAE. These innovative entrepreneurial projects have succeeded in moving players to new worlds where they face difficult challenges.

Table of contents

  • Gaming Industry in the UAE
  • How to Expand your Game Company in UAE
  • Video Games Localization into Arabic
  • Game Development Companies in UAE
  • CCCI – Professional Arabic Game Localization and Support

Gaming Industry in the UAE

UAE is playing an active role in localizing and developing games into Arabic, with market size forecasts reaching more than $1.4 billion. UAE is ahead of mobile phone prevalence statistics in the region. Users spend a great deal of their time browsing the Internet, watching videos, and playing games on their gadgets. The more technologically advanced the UAE is, the more developed their share in the gaming industry becomes.

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

When developing a game in the Arab world, one should be prepared to face strong global competition with games that often reflect the local culture!

The online gaming world attracts the community with its various segments, featuring multiple categories of video games and mobile games that receive great attention from adults and young people. For example, simulation games that simulate aspects of real or imaginary reality have seen a breakthrough since the release of the most famous SIM City simulation game released in 1989. In addition to serious games designed to solve a problem through investigation or advertising, they are used in industries such as the defense, education, scientific research, and healthcare industry, as well as other educational or recreational games. Every year, the Dubai World E-Games Exhibition covers game development companies in UAE along with these different types of computer and video games that are covered in our daily lives through mobile platforms and even home gaming device screens.

As mentioned earlier in this blog, Nico Partners, has reported that the gaming market in MENA is estimated to be worth three billion dollars by 2025. Data about the condition of the Middle Eastern video game business is generally scant, and gaming firms seldom provide figures, thus this study provides a summary of their ranking.

When compared to other Middle Eastern nations, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE have the most gaming visitors, which is why technology and gaming businesses have separate companies specialized to each country’s population. These places have seen a significant increase in dependency and visitor rates for e-sports and live broadcasting.

UAE Game Market Infographics

How to Expand your Game Company in UAE

The number of people linked to the internet is at an all-time high, with an estimated 180 million people connected to the network and a smartphone penetration rate of 200 percent. It is also worth noting that 60% of the population is under the age of 25, which will allow the gaming industry to grow at a quicker rate. These younger demographics are more adept at utilizing technology and are more receptive to the fast-paced changes that define the gaming industry, making them the core market targeted by game app developers.

To enter the Middle Eastern gaming markets, you must first spend effort localizing your app for Arabic speakers. Most games are designed to fit the Western culture, therefore they must go through a thorough translation and “cultural configuration” process to be well welcomed by users in other nations.

Video Game Localization into Arabic

This region’s gaming expenditure rate is higher than that of the developed countries’ markets. In 2019, Saudi Arabia’s gaming spending surpassed that of the United States by around 25 million dollars. The average per capita income in the Kingdom is 270 dollars, far more than the average in other nations such as China, where the typical individual spends just 32 dollars.