If Japan is famous for its manga, South Korea also boasts of webtoons, the modern-day verticalized manhwa. Among the most popular South Korean webtoons worldwide is the romantic webtoon Nevertheless which was recently adapted into a K-drama (Korean drama or TV series), UnOrdinary, and Love Revolution.

They are even popular in the West. Several webtoon translation companies are working on delivering these contents to the West in various languages such as French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, and more. Korean webtoons in English are becoming more than just a fad in the market; they’ve become a cultural revolution. In the following blog, we will get into the top ten most popular webtoons that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Tower of God

It may well be the most important completed webtoons worldwide to come out in years. The main premise revolves around an almighty tower that can apparently grant whatever wish or desire to people who can successfully climb it. What’s at the top of the tower is left vague as it’s only really there to give the characters some sort of motivation to ascend. As the story progresses, the ultimate goal of reaching the top of the tower becomes less and less important because what really shines about the series is the world’s building, the fights, and the characters.

True Beauty

This webtoon is about a girl, Jugyeong, who’s severely bullied because of her appearance. She wants to be beautiful because no one treats her well, so she goes back home and sees makeup tutorials online. After failing several times, she learns slowly and finally achieves her goal to become “beautiful.” She goes to high school, and no one knows what her real appearance is. The story progresses as she meets Suho, one of her schoolmates who knows the truth about her beauty.

Sweet Home

This series received praise from several anime/comics critics and readers for its intriguing storyline. It is about a group of survivors trying to survive the monster Apocalypse. Hyun Cha is one of those survivors, and after his family is killed in a head-on collision, he sells everything and moves to an apartment where he awaits the day he will commit suicide. But when the monster Apocalypse occurs, he is forced to fight and live for the people who depend on him, all the while fighting the monster within himself.

Love Alarm

In a nutshell, this webtoon takes place in a fantasy world where an app alerts you if someone within the vicinity likes you. You don’t know precisely who the person is, but they just ring your love alarm, and that’s how you know you have a potential love interest.

The series follows the story of a solitary girl who ends up meeting and developing a relationship with the most popular famous guy in school. The story is one of the most popular webtoons worldwide, and it was made into a series on Netflix.