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Best Webtoons to Read in Spring 2022

Key takeaways: There are a variety of webtoons to read in spring, including romance and coming of age. The best webtoons to read during the spring season are stories that depict new beginnings. Professional webtoon translation and typesetting have a significant impact on the webtoon market growth. Table of contents List of Webtoons to Read in Spring CCCI [...]

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Manga vs Manhwa: Webtoon Popularity in Japan

Key takeaways: The correct approach on manga vs manhwa is seeing each platform’s potential and pushing them for globalization. Manga and manhwa come from different origin countries, bearing different cultures and influences. As Japan continuously adopts digital technology for the manga industry, more creators and readers are also exploring manhwa. There is a rise in the demand for manhwa [...]

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Asia’s Sleeping Tiger, Awakened: Indonesian Webtoon Market

Webtoon (웹툰), a type of digital comic, originating from South Korea, has been gaining popularity ever since its release. Due to its “snack-culture” format optimized for smartphones, it has been the go-to form of entertainment, especially for busy people. With its popularity, it is no mystery that it caught the attention of consumers all over the world and Indonesia [...]

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Korean Webtoon Translation: Korean to Japanese and English

The popularity of these digital comics, webtoons, has exploded over the past ten years and isn't showing any sign of letting up. The history of web cartoons in Korea dates back to more than 10 years now. Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, so-called internet cartoons were mainly composed from personal anecdotes and /or were short comic [...]

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10 Most Popular Korean Webtoons to Read

If Japan is famous for its manga, South Korea also boasts of webtoons, the modern-day verticalized manhwa. Among the most popular South Korean webtoons worldwide is the romantic webtoon Nevertheless which was recently adapted into a K-drama (Korean drama or TV series), UnOrdinary, and Love Revolution. They are even popular in the West. Several webtoon translation companies are working [...]

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