Imagine staying cooped in your room with a cup of hot choco as Christmas songs are playing softly in the background. What can make the holidays even better for an avid reader like you? A to-read list of comics and webtoon to read for Christmas!

It is that time of the year again to take things slow. After the hustle and bustle, you deserve a quiet night with a webtoon to read for Christmas. We bet you have been waiting for so long to finally have a night to yourself. And to make things easier and holiday-ready for you, we prepared several comics and webtoons that you will surely love.

Best Christmas Comics

Good news to enthusiasts of comics out there who also want to feel the Christmas spirit! There are countless best Christmas comics that you can read over the holiday season. From your favorite heroes to cartoon characters, we got your back. With these comics, you are up for a festive holiday season. Let us start with…

1. Hellboy Christmas Special

Mike Mignola, Gary Gianni, Geof Darrow, and Steve Purcell gave us an award-winning Christmas anthology in 1997. It is no other than the Hellboy Christmas Special! It is no surprise why this comic is always included in almost every best Christmas comics to-read list. The anthology includes six creepy-yet-charming Christmas tales that will make your Christmas even more exciting.

Hellboy: A Christmas Underground, one of the tales in the anthology, features a warm side to Hellboy. He is out to fulfill a dying mother’s last wish after she mistakes him for Santa Claus! Go on and get your hands on this first comic on our list.

2. Marvel Comics Holiday Special #1

Thanks to the various creators of these comics in 2005, you get to celebrate Christmas with your favorite Marvel heroes! Well, Christmas can be amazingly chaotic. Especially when a homicidal Santa robot joins the party. This is the kind of thing you will get from the Marvel Comics Holiday Special #1.

One of the titles in the book is Shaenon Garrity and Roger Langridge’s The Moleman’s Christmas. Here, you can help the Fantastic Four heroes rescue the one and only Santa from the Moleman’s Moloids. Ah, what an exciting Christmas…

3. Mickey And Donald Christmas Parade

Another gift to us by various creators in 2018 is the Mickey And Donald Christmas Parade. This book features Disney tales by both American and European creators, and there is a mix of stories from 1965 to 2013! Revisiting your childhood for Christmas has never been this exciting.

‘Tis No Season, one of the stories that you will come across, lets you go on an adventure with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and their friends. And this time, it is Santa who is trying to sabotage the holidays! It is time to fight thieving Santa robots with your favorite cartoon characters…

Christmas Webtoons

Unlike comics and manga, finding webtoons that focus solely on Christmas is quite rare, compared to webtoons that become a base for K-dramas. Most webtoons usually include special chapters for the holiday season. But since you still deserve a webtoon Christmas reading list, let us give you some of the most exciting titles that you could keep yourself warm with! The following webtoons have caught the attention of many webtoon readers in 2021:

1. Like Wind on a Dry Branch

Like Wind on a Dry Branch is one of the top recommended webtoons for 2021. You might remember the classic Cinderella story from this webtoon, but give it a lot of twists. There is a prince involved and a commoner, but they will both make you ask an unexpected question: Was it right that he saved her? Have yourself a mysterious, romantic Christmas!

2. Great Gatsby

Wouldn’t it be thrilling to have a dramatic and historical Christmas this year? Yes, the Great Gatsby is ready to give you that! Revel in this reimagination of the classic book and movie. And to make it even more stirring, you will only get an update once a month. Look for the first chapter and binge-read over the holidays!

3. Secret Playlist

If you want to have butterflies in your stomach during Christmas, you should start reading the Secret Playlist. Imagine being a secret cover singer and a famous idol reaching out to collaborate with you. That would definitely make your Christmas warmer than ever! The Secret Playlist is a hit to many K-pop fans as well. And who knows? This webtoon might include a Christmas special…