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Asia’s Sleeping Tiger, Awakened: Indonesian Webtoon Market

Webtoon (웹툰), a type of digital comic, originating from South Korea, has been gaining popularity ever since its release. Due to its “snack-culture” format optimized for smartphones, it has been the go-to form of entertainment, especially for busy people. With its popularity, it is no mystery that it caught the attention of consumers all over the world and Indonesia [...]

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10 Most Popular Korean Webtoons to Read

If Japan is famous for its manga, South Korea also boasts of webtoons, the modern-day verticalized manhwa. Among the most popular South Korean webtoons worldwide is the romantic webtoon Nevertheless which was recently adapted into a K-drama (Korean drama or TV series), UnOrdinary, and Love Revolution. They are even popular in the West. Several webtoon translation companies are working [...]

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