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Video Game Industry During COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid-19’s impact on the gaming industry COVID-19 has had a significant impact on every business in the globe, including gaming. As the world hunkered down, gaming exploded as people sought ways to pass the time while the physical movement was restricted. Despite the fact that gaming consumption has increased, we wanted to look at the statistics to see [...]

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Manga Translation Pitfalls and Quick Tips

A manga translation varies considerably from one translator to another. Aside from this, different approaches and preferences are used by publishers, adapters, and translation companies. If you are a new manga translator and want to learn more about how to do things correctly, a style guide is an excellent place to start. This is not a "prime guide" on [...]

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Why Government Agencies Need Translation Services

The role of translation in government Not many organizations profit more than government agencies from translation and localization services. In its essence, governmental agencies are deeply involved in international and global issues and require a range of multilingual solutions for doing their job. Translation and localization services have become extremely crucial to government entities. We will reveal in [...]

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Game Localization For Asian Countries

Asia has long since been the epicentre of computer game culture. In 2019, the region accounted for almost half (48%) of the global gaming market sales. The gaming culture and Esports market have also become more accessible and open to the masses as internet penetration has increased, while the overall industry of game localization for Asian countries and mobile [...]

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Western Europe Game Localization Market

The gaming industry in Western Europe has had a steadily growing demand for games in the region. The Western Europe game localization market segment is always known as among the major markets around the world. More so than ever before, the increase of people using smartphones and the popularity of mobile gaming is further augmenting the demand for game translation [...]

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