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Arabic Video Game Culture in the Middle East

A brief description of the Middle East’s video game culture Arabic video game culture is highly influenced and dominated by '80s cartoons and anime such as: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Nu, pogodi!" "Captain Tsubasa," when they were first translated to Arabic and localized to fit the rich and diverse Arabic video game culture. It is understandable if [...]

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Video Game Industry During COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid-19’s impact on the gaming industry COVID-19 has had a significant impact on every business in the globe, including gaming. As the world hunkered down, gaming exploded as people sought ways to pass the time while the physical movement was restricted. Despite the fact that gaming consumption has increased, we wanted to look at the statistics to see [...]

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The 2021 Starter Guide to Game Localization

The role of game localization in the video game industry cannot be ignored as the gaming market continues to expand worldwide. With the industry raking in billions of dollars in revenue globally and the growth of the customer base internationally, the demand for game localization for international markets will only continue to grow. With this, the process of localizing [...]

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Video Game Industry: Leading Gaming Markets Worldwide

No longer just a hobby enjoyed by young and old across the globe, the video gaming market size has increased worldwide and has become a billion-dollar business industry. For many years now, gaming has become an integral part of one's lifestyle in various countries. Furthermore, it is considered to be one of the main forms of entertainment in modern [...]

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