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Insurance Translation: Services for Insurance Companies

Insurance is generally a social system that seeks to save in reserve to address unexpected losses to institutions or individuals. This article aims to identify some critical points related to insurance translation services and translation for insurance companies. We will highlight the importance of CCCI as a Professional insurance translation service to translate insurance documents.  Key Takeaways: The Sun, [...]

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Fintech Blockchain Translation Services: Cryptocurrency Translation

Key takeaways: The fintech industry is one of the world's biggest industries. Its steady growth opens many opportunities for fintech business owners. There is a rise in the demand for cryptocurrency translation as more people across the globe own crypto wallets.  Translating cryptocurrency helps fintech companies improve user experience, which eventually jumpstarts brand awareness. Translation in the fintech industry [...]

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Video Translation and Multilingual Subtitling Services

Multilingual subtitling and video translation help companies expand their businesses’ reach in the international market. Key takeaways: Video content consumption increased in numbers from the past few years. Video translation services play a key role in publishing video content. Video translation and multilingual subtitling services help expand businesses globally. With video translation, companies can reach a broader audience [...]

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Translation and Localization Trends for 2022

Key takeaways: Translation is changing your text into another language, while localization is also considering the technological, visual, and cultural aspects. Translation and localization trends for 2022 show the industry's importance in the business world. Translation and localization services help businesses expand globally. Business translations build your brand for potential customers worldwide. Table of contents The Importance of [...]

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Most Common Korean Words and Phrases You Should Know

If you’re an avid Korean drama series viewer, you must be familiar with the most common Korean words and phrases from K-dramas. Have you ever wondered why they don't call each other's names often? I’m sure you’ve heard them call each other oppa, sunbae, or unnie instead if you’ve seen famous and some of the best K-drama series like [...]

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Arabic Translation and Localization Challenges: An In-Depth Look

Translation Translation is defined as the process of transferring speech from one language of origin to another language, with the need to maintain the transmission of speech in a way that preserves the meaning. Moreover, each translator has a style of his/her own, but he/she is required to stay away from literal translation. Localization Localization (or, in the [...]

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Industries That Need Translation Services The Most

As a professional multilingual translation company, CCC International operates across Europe, Asia, and the US. We deliver top-notch language services in up to 30 languages in almost all industries. Hence, top-level translators cover high in-demand language pairs such as English, Japanese, French, Russian, Arabic, German, Spanish, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, among others. Our team of leaders and language experts specializes [...]

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