Information technology (IT) is a broad term for a wide range of technology-based solutions, from hardware and software solutions to IT services. Many people benefit from it without realizing it, mostly in devices such as smartphones and other gadgets. Within IT, localization plays a crucial role, enabling people worldwide to use technology in their native language. Yes, localization in IT sphere is a key factor in its success.

As an IT company, your goal is to reach a market by providing solutions and services. Perhaps you’re already thriving in the local scene and wondering if potential customers from other countries can benefit from your services. CCC International says yes, other markets out there need you. And localization can help you establish a presence where you were once unheard of.

Key Takeaways:

  • IT companies must look into the role of localization in IT sphere to reach potential customers from other countries.
  • Software localization is the translation and localization of an application’s user interface and/or content into different languages. It also ensures that the software meets the needs of a global audience and conveys messages accurately.
  • IT translation services are essential components of any IT offering. Some of its benefits include reaching global markets and increased sales.

Table of Contents:

  • An Overview of Information Technology
  • The Benefits of Localization in IT Sphere
  • What is Software Localization?
  • Software Localization in Germany and France
  • Software Localization in the Middle East
  • Traditional VS AI Localization in IT Sphere
  • CCCI – Professional IT Localization Service Provider

An Overview of Information Technology

“The study and application of computers and any type of telecommunications that store, study, retrieve, transmit, manipulate data and send information,” AoeLogic defines information technology. It involves the use of hardware and software in performing significant tasks that people need daily.

IT is what increases productivity and efficiency and supports faster communication. For example, people used to rely on a landline to make calls. But now they can use their smartphones and other digital devices to surf the web, access emails, download, and stream videos, use social media applications, and more.

The IT industry is also powerful in businesses. It impacts almost all work environments by providing automated processes. Automation allows companies to meet the needs of their customers quickly and cost-effectively. And besides business, IT also affects education, finance, healthcare, and security. Simply put, IT is a game-changer for almost every sector.

IT companies offer various solutions, such as developing websites, providing applications, designing software systems, and offering IT services. People outside the industry may not fully know that IT influences their daily lives, but knowledge about it in any form can put you in a unique position to leverage your business.

The Benefits of Localization in IT Sphere

Localization is one of the many ways you can make IT easier for people to understand. It’s the process of adapting products, services, and content to cultural sensibilities in their target language. Let’s narrow down localization to IT and understand the potential it holds.

Reach New Markets Around the Globe

Localization allows multinational corporations to provide services and apps in different languages and cultures. For instance, you have a sales app that has dramatically impacted local customers. Depending on your target market, you can expand your product offering worldwide by making it available in Japanese, Spanish , French, and other languages.

Increase Your Brand’s Visibility

Localizing your IT offerings will make them easily accessible and recognizable to people in different regions. It’s a great way to increase brand visibility and ensure prospective customers can find your services.

Differentiate Your Product or Services from Competitors

Every country or region has its own preferences, so localization helps to tailor your IT products and services to meet those needs. Through localization, you can reach out to people who don’t speak English and set your product apart from competitors.

Improve the User Experience

UX/UI localization can help you customize your IT product to make it more user-friendly and engaging. Localization can also improve the overall user experience, as people can use your product in their own language.

Increase Customer Engagement

People who understand a product or service better are more likely to engage with it. With localization, you can reduce the language barrier and make people feel more connected to your product or service. They’ll trust your product more and be likely to make purchases

Increase Sales

Increased reach and number of customers will boost your sales. The more people can understand and relate to your product, the more users you will gain. And the more users you have, the higher your company’s revenue will be!

What is Software Localization?

Software is one of IT’s most important components in business, and localization helps to make it easier for users to use. Software localization includes translating an application’s user interface and/or content into different languages. It ensures that the software meets the needs of a global audience and conveys messages accurately.

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