If you’re a business owner, you probably started with the sole purpose of providing services to your target audience. Customers ask for what they need, and you give them what you have. It’s the whole point of any business! But as populations grew, competitions rose, and demands evolved, companies eventually had to step up their game. Marketing has become a crucial part of success, and somewhere under the content marketing umbrella are corporate videos. Yes, your business needs corporate video services.

Nowadays, it’s impossible not to come across a corporate video, especially online. It’s undeniably an excellent way to introduce your company, reach potential clients, and establish credibility and trust! According to Statista, there were 244.3 million digital video viewers in the United States in 2021. That gives every business owner a clue about the potential of having corporate videos and sharing them online. If you haven’t explored that strategy, it’s high time you do. And CCCI is here to help you!

Key takeaways

  • Your corporate video services will depend on your branding, purpose, and company goals. There are various types of corporate videos, each having different marketing approaches.
  • Corporate videos are not exclusive to external audiences. Companies can also use them for internal purposes such as onboarding and training.
  • Tutorials or how-to videos were the fourth most popular video content in the world in the fourth quarter of 2021.
  • Working with a professional corporate video services provider can help you save time and money. Working with experts is crucial because they understand corporate videos’ purpose. Their skills will affect the overall quality and effectiveness of your videos.
  • Commercial video production can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Table of contents:

  • Corporate Video Services
  • CCCI – Professional Video Editing and Animation Company

Corporate Video Services

Before worrying about finding the right corporate video services provider, it’s vital to know which services you need for your business first. There are several types of corporate videos, and each of them serves different purposes. Moreover, not all corporate videos have to be for the external audience. You and your employees can reap their benefits, too! Here are the services that can up your business’s marketing game:

Overview Videos

There’s no better way to let your target audience know about your company than with an overview video. Overview videos are ideal for new businesses as they give clues and information in short, snappy clips. Put them on your homepage, and you’ll instantly reach those who need you!

Pro tip: You can keep overview videos two minutes short. The challenge is squeezing in as much business information as possible without overloading your audience. The goal is to give them an idea of what you do and why they need you!

Explainer Videos

Whenever you’re ready to explain your company’s services or products further, it’s time to have explainer videos. Explainer videos may be live-action, animated, or whiteboard. You may also go for live streams! The main goal is to humanize your brand instead of making it sound salesy. Explainer videos allow you to connect with your audience as though you’re partners, not sellers and buyers.

Product Demos

During the fourth quarter of 2021, tutorials or how-to videos were fourth of the world’s most popular video content types. Imagine how far your product demos can go! Product demos show potential buyers or clients how your products or services work. It’s possible through blog posts, too, but it’s more accessible through visual content.


If you already have loyal clients or satisfied customers, congratulations! These people prove your credibility and function as a company. Moreover, they will be the ones to prove to others that you are worthy of their trust, too. Testimonials are reviews from people who have experienced your excellence first-hand. And when potential customers watch them, they will know you have exactly what they need.

Case Study Videos

Similar to testimonials, case study videos are also a way to show potential clients that you are what they need. Case studies use specific projects you have completed with one particular client. They introduce the client, share how you helped them with their specific issue, and celebrate the outcome of your work. Case study videos are helpful for both internal and external audiences.

Note: Testimonials can be more generic when compared to case study videos. They can be short statements of how clients appreciate your team. On the other hand, you can outline your case study videos with specific questions like who your client is, what their issues were, and how your business helped them.

Event Videos

Whether holding a conference or having live performances for your business, it’s always a good idea to document them for various purposes. You can use event videos in future exhibitions or networking to show potential partners what your business has been up to. Remember, event videos show who you are outside of your offices. Event videos are a chance to establish your adaptability and professionalism.

Social Media Videos

How social media contributes to the success of many industries is indisputable. Almost everyone is on social media, including your potential clients. You can tailor and publish videos about your business on various social media platforms. And with just one click, those videos can reach even people from the other side of the world. Social media videos are perfect for networking, which maximizes your corporation’s reach.

Podcast Videos

Not all businesses have already discovered the magic of podcasts. But if you’ve already tapped into this market, consider the advantages of podcast videos. Podcasts are generally valuable for introducing your brand to your audience. When you have video footage, you can use them to double your engagement. Let your audience hear you and see you!

Video FAQs

While it’s common to find FAQs at the bottom of every webpage, having them in a video format also has potential. Everyone is used to reading the FAQs and answers, but if it’s possible to utilize videos instead, then why not? This corporate video will need a script and doesn’t have to be extended. You can answer your audience’s questions right away!

Pro-tip: Ensure that your video FAQs are concise! You may want to keep a formal tone depending on your brand, but speaking to your viewers like you know them would work best. Create a video FAQ that you would find helpful and exciting yourself.

Location Tours

Where does your excellent team do their magic? What’s in your headquarters allows you to provide high-quality services to your clients? Location tours are a perfect way to show the audience your work environment and culture. How your location looks will reflect how your business delivers. It’s a creative way to let your audience know where you are and how you work.

Onboarding Videos

As mentioned earlier, corporate videos are not only for external audiences. It’s possible to use them for your company’s sales process, too! You can introduce clients or customers and your team during the employee orientation through onboarding videos. After all, high-quality services for your clients begin with your team.

Internal Training Videos

Another corporate video for internal audiences is internal training videos. Training new employees are always rigorous. The task always requires time and strong communication. Internal training videos can help new employees and teams touch base and quickly understand your business processes. Also, animations and photography can make learning more fun. Your team will thank you!

It takes talent and skills to produce high-quality and effective corporate videos. One corporate video will need professional video recording and editing, which will then need animation and other services. What if you don’t have the equipment and skills? Should you settle for videos that did not go through planning and editing? CCCI won’t let that happen!