Ever wondered how some mobile devices and smart speakers recognize your voice and speech pattern? If yes, then you probably know that it is because of a complicated but helpful tech called speech recognition. Speech recognition is the process of identifying, analyzing, and comprehending audio, voice, and speech patterns for a device or another piece of technology to parse and decode it and give you optimized results or queries to your commands. Speech recognition is used in several applications, software, and even in some electronic devices and home appliances. Truly, it makes our daily lives more convenient than ever. With speech recognition, people can easily voice out search queries, command devices, and even input data without lifting a finger. This technology is present worldwide and can be used in different languages and various scenarios. Through its constant development, speech recognition is applied to various industries and everyday necessities. In the modern world, it can help you open your car, can help you pause your laundry machines, and can even flush your toilet. It can follow and analyze multiple commands and deliver satisfactory results based on the data that it processes. How can speech recognition carry out so many commands and process them in multiple languages? The answer is simple; it feeds on audio and speech data.

Audio and Speech Data Collection Services for Machine Learning

Like humans, machines also need to take in a chunk of information before they can work as a substitute for a human brain. Audio and speech data collection is used to feed speech recognition to make it smarter, hence artificially intelligent. It is the process of collecting a set of conversational or scenario-based multilingual audio or voice recordings. These recordings are processed through natural language processing (NLP) to analyze its natural language data. The data will then be parsed into bits of smaller data and interpreted by the machine as part of its learning. The machine will learn this data as a request and query back result as fast and accurately as it can to give you the right search results and commands.

How CCCI’s Audio and Speech Data Collection Can Help You

CCC International (CCCI) is a professional multilingual translation and localization agency that operates across Asia, Europe, and the US. With over ten years of language expertise, we deliver many multilingual services including high-quality audio and speech data collection. As speech recognition prospers, the demand for audio and speech data increases. Many companies, including us, offer this type of service to supply the demands of the future AI-driven world. Our multilingual high-quality audio and speech data collection service includes high-quality voice data collection, transcription as well as data annotation. We provide customized data collection based on the client’s needs and make sure to produce the highest-quality output.

CCCI Audio Data Collection Process

CCCI’s audio and speech data collection process is simple but concise. Our team of professional language experts only produces high-quality data for AI-powered solutions.

To make sure that our services can fit your company’s needs and help make your AI smarter, we follow these simple steps in our data collection process:

Recording the Conversation

We record the audio data based on the client’s requests and needs. We follow a script about a given topic. We record multiple versions of it and review them thoroughly to not miss out on important data. The different versions are then submitted for checking as part of our daily progress monitoring.

Transcribing the audio using trusted transcription tools

At CCCI, we don’t only record the audio data, but we also transcribe it. After recording, we can transcribe and time the voice data using our most trusted transcription tools. Each individual who took part in the recording transcribes and revises the audio data within 24 hours. This process helps our team to give your company high-quality voice and text data.

Checking the quality of each transcription

After recording and transcribing the data, CCCI staff will check the accuracy of transcription If something is lacking from the produced data and our standard quality measures were not met, it will be returned to the participant to try and rework it again.

Benefits of Doing Business with CCCI

As an international company, we make it our goal to help your business expand globally. With our engaging top-class translators and professional linguists, we ensure that any message will be accurately translated and adapted to its new market. Plus, we only produce high-quality results in over 30 European and Asian languages in different industries across the international market. We can help you open another chapter of your business by creating new stories that encompass your company’s growth.

So, why choose us?

Consistent Communication

As professionals, we are consistent in how to communicate from the start to the end of a project. Our highly experienced team of translators and managers collaborates closely with you throughout our engagement. We believe that day-to-day communication with our clients can help us to be effective in our projects.

Experienced Team

We take great pride in our native-speaking translators and content creators with a proven track record. Our multilingual team of professional linguists covers more than 30 European and Asian languages across all countries of Europe, Asia, and the USA. With this, we can assure you that our translations are up-to-date.

High-Quality Output

At CCCI, we strive for consistent excellent work; this is part of our raison d’etre. We make sure to provide top-notch accurate language services to bridge communities all over the world. We handle work cautiously and accurately. Our projects undergo different quality checking processes to produce high-quality content. Our team rigorously proofreads written contents and transcriptions to help you localize your work for business globalization.

Timely Delivery

Time is indeed gold. We make sure to deliver projects promptly based on your timezone. We provide fast and accurate interpretation, transcription, and localization services. You can even get results in as fast as 24 hours!

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