The Ultimate Guide on Data Collection for Speech Recognition

Data is a collection of information collected and acquired through a specific process and approach. The latest technologies that we have at present, feed on data. Nowadays, data is being collected through various forms whether manual or using advanced tools. Data is everywhere. By the mere presence of information, data can be obtained and compiled.

Data collection evolves with technology. The more advanced the technology is, the more data is needed to feed those. There are various ways to collect data. But of course, it depends on the purpose of collecting the data.

Audio and Speech Data Collection for Speech Recognition

There are several data collection methods out there. But, before starting to collect data, you need to know the purpose of collecting that data first. In this guide, we will focus on the how’s and why’s of audio and speech data collection. Audio and speech data collection is a specific data collection method for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and speech recognition. This data collection method focuses on gathering and measuring audio and speech data and tailoring these to what the client needs.

Speech recognition is present in almost every technologically advanced tool that we use. It’s present in AI home speakers, voice search tools, and even in AI voice bots. In order for these voice and sound-activated machine learning systems to work properly, they rely on high-quality audio and speech data. The more data you can feed an AI tech, the more intelligent it gets.

Audio and speech data can be collected using several methods.

Audio and Speech Data Collection for Speech Recognition

A number of audio samples can already be downloaded from online sources or paid stock audio datasets. Obtaining audio and speech datasets from such databases is a convenient approach for big, multi-scaled companies. But, a more personalized approach to collecting audio and speech data is gathering samples of audio and speech patterns and clips using a specific scenario, topic, or script depending on what your AI needs. This will help your company focus on getting the exact and high-quality data that you need.

Guide on Obtaining Audio and Speech Data

The easiest way to obtain audio and speech data for your speech recognition technology is to outsource it to a third-party company. Outsourcing this data collection project is a convenient approach to obtain the data that you need. Your company won’t have a problem hiring new employees and your current employees can focus on more important tasks as well.

How Do Third-party Companies Collect The Data For You?

There are many companies out there that offer data collection as part of their core services. One of those companies is ours, CCC International. As an expert in language services, we give you the ultimate guide on how you can obtain audio and speech data for your speech recognition software and applications.

Set the target language to be collected

When collecting audio and speech data, you need to set the target language first. In what languages do you need the data to be collected? Choosing the languages that you need will define if the speakers need to be native or non-native in said languages. To add more, you can also decide what specific dialect or accent they will need to perform.

Choose the type of audio and speech data that you want to collect

There are three types of audio and speech data to choose from. The first is scripted, the second is scenario-based and the third is conversational. Scripted audio and speech data use scripts when recording. The scripts may either be voice commands or command-type speech structures. Scenario-based audio and speech data is recording the scripted or non-scripted text exchanged by two people. The scenario will be based on a given topic or script at hand. Conversation audio and speech data are almost the same as scenario-based. The only difference is that the recorded conversations are exchanged by two or more individuals. Choosing the type of audio and speech data that you want to collect is vital to the collection process as this will determine the number of participants needed for the project.

Choose the type of data recording and collection

After choosing the type of audio and speech data, you have to choose the type of data recording and collection. The data recording can either be acoustic or natural language utterance. Acoustic data recording and collection refers to the collection of audio events and acoustic scenes from various environments. Natural language utterance recording and collection refers to data recording and collection of utterances to help recognize nuances of human speech.

Define your audio requirements

Define your audio channel requirements. Do you need audio data from phone conversations or data sourced from online platforms? Do you require 8 kHz or 16 kHz audio data? This will help you decide whether you need a dataset with a lower-quality or higher-quality audio channel.

Why Choose CCC International to Collect Audio and Speech Data?

CCC International has been in the language industry for over ten years. We provide custom language services in up to 30 different Asian and European languages in almost all industries. We help companies like yours to globalize and localize services to enter foreign markets. With our team of language experts, we make sure that our translation, data collection, and localization services are top-notch in our field of expertise. You can customize your audio and speech data collection service and swiftly get the data that you need if you choose our company for this service

Customizable Service

We can tailor our audio and speech data collection service based on your needs. Customization of services also depends upon the discussion of the project. You can customize your language pairs such as French speech data collection services, Korean speech data collection services, and many more.

Fast and Timely Delivery

We deliver our services in every project in a timely manner across different time zones. We provide fast and accurate service delivery of the highest quality. You can even get some of your data in as fast as 24 hours!

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We believe that CCCI can help you, by collecting audio and speech data, transcribing speech to text, annotating data, to maximize your time, help you grow and of course, make your AI smarter. Contact us here or email us at to make your AI smarter with our data collection service! Create a new story with CCCI.

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