Best Holiday-Themed Video Games for Christmas

The holiday season does not end after Christmas. Just like how gaming does not end when you win or lose a round! There are various ways to celebrate the holidays. Some prefer to use up all the time to shop for gifts, while some cook for endless parties. For those who believe that the best way to celebrate the holidays is by playing games, you deserve a list of the best video games for Christmas.

Though the world is slowly recovering from the pandemic, it would still be safer to avoid crowds. In fact, the sales for video games sky-rocketed during the holiday season in 2020 as people had to stay indoors. In the U.S., for example, consumer spending reached $13 billion.

According to VentureBeat, the pandemic “triggered a boom for games and gamers.” With almost three billion people playing games on various platforms and in different genres, it is possible to reach higher sales during the holiday season. Game creators and producers can take advantage of this season in many ways, providing gamers with new experiences for Christmas.

This is the year for new consoles, and people are ready to give and receive them as gifts. It happens with mobile games, too! After all, the holiday season is the season of giving. Complete the celebration by exploring and sharing games that are perfect for Christmas.

Yes, there are several holiday-themed video games that you can play way before the clock strikes 12. If your idea of enjoying the holiday is staying indoors and winning as many games as you can, we get you. Gather your family and friends, and try all the Christmas video games that you can! Let us narrow down the list for you.

Christmas-Themed Video Game List

Of course, you wait for Christmas for a whole year. And every time the holiday comes around, you would want to spend time catching up on your hobbies and favorite games. As a gamer, you can have a blast even if you stay at home with a couple of holiday-themed video games. Feel festive with the following video games for Christmas:


Everyone dreams of spending the holiday season out in the snow. What if it just cannot happen? Well, to gamers out there who are up for extreme sports, Steep is the one for you! Try snowboarding in Mont Blanc through this game. You can just imagine that you are in the French Alps, having the time of your life and the best celebration ever. That is a white Christmas for you!

Forza Horizon 4

Set in the U.K. and surrounding north of England, Forza Horizon 4 lets you drive like a boss! The game is not entirely about Christmas, but you will definitely get the feel. Cut through fields even if it is snowing as though you are driving around in Scotland during the holidays. What is a holiday without an adrenaline rush!


Here comes Santa Claus! Are you done dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh? Try this one-level game that promises a significant Christmas factor! The HITMAN Holiday Pack dresses Agent 47 as Santa Claus. Like most of the holiday-themed video games, this one is complete with Christmas trees and fireplaces. Thank heavens for video games set during Christmas!

Batman: Arkham Origins

Of course, your favorite superheroes will always join the list of the best Christmas video games. You have all the time to play as many characters as you want. Spend the holidays playing as Batman! Arkham Origins is set in Midwinter Gotham City and begins on Christmas Eve. Enjoy the darkness with a touch of snow and Christmas decorations…

D.C. Universe Online

Play World of Warcraft but with more of your favorite D.C. heroes! D.C. Universe Online lets you create your own superhero. Yes, you can choose your superpowers and names. Christmas can be all about flying and zooming through the cities, helping as many people as you can. Isn’t that what the holiday season is all about?

GTA Online: Festive Surprise

Say goodbye to the usually sunny and warm climate in Grand Theft Auto. Running for two weeks (and ends at the beginning of January), GTA Online: Festive Surprise lets you join snowball fights and create chaos! It is the classic GTA that you love, but with all the holiday feels added.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Perhaps, Christmas in New York is beyond comparison. How much more if you spend it as Spider-Man? Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the game that gives you a webby holiday! Swing around the city, take down the enemies, and save the people. The holiday season can really hold a lot of stories.

Dead Rising 4

Last but not least, complete the list of the best holiday-themed video games with Dead Rising 4. You can sing along to Christmas songs playing on the game car radios, explore the newly-built mall, and join in the festivities. Even your weapons are holiday-themed!

Gamers can never get enough of Christmas video games. They are perfect for celebrating before, during, and even after Christmas! And while you are waiting for New Year’s Day, these Christmas- themed video games can keep you warm, entertained, and jolly.

How can we make the holidays even more festive for gamers? Well, making the best games worldwide available in as many languages as possible is one of the answers. There might be a lot of gems from other countries that you cannot enjoy just because you cannot understand them. What a bummer! That is where video game localization comes to the rescue.

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