Our mobile, PC, browser and console game localization process is as follows: 

  1. You send us details of the game to understand the gameplay: a soft copy of all texts to be translated, videos, other materials necessary. We check all information including word count, the plot of the game, genre, characters, etc. to assess the volume and difficulty of the localization. (Note that a Non Disclosure Agreement can be prepared prior to sharing the above information.)
  2. After checking the project files and discussing the expected delivery date and format, we calculate the price and send you a custom offer. 
  3. After approving the game project offer, we start the translation and localization process.
  4. Our native proofreaders and quality checkers ensure that the project is subjected to detailed quality control.
  5. Output is submitted in the format requested and payment is made. Any reasonable request for minor revisions can be made even after payment.