Video game localization in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Arabic, etc.

NFT in Video Games: What is an NFT and How Does It Work?

Many people find NFTs quite perplexing. Despite them being popular, many people did not understand them well. So in this blog, you'll find out exactly what they are and why they are profitable as well as how the purchasing procedure works. We will also talk about NFT in video games. We will be covering the utility for NFTs inside [...]

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Top 10 Video Game Publishers in MENA Market

This blog will discuss the market of video game publishers in MENA. in the beginning, there will be a discussion about the MENA gaming market. We will highlight the difference between game publishers VS game developers. We will list a few relatively renowned video game publishers in MENA.Β  At the end of the blog, we will highlight the importance [...]

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Spanish Game Localization: Which Spanish Variant to Choose

The Spanish game market by definition refers to the games that are made, published, or localized into the countries where people speak Spanish as an official language. In Particular, We are talking about Latin America and Spain. For that matter, we can see two opposite pictures of the market. In Spain, we see a flourishing industry, especially in Barcelona. [...]

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