This is manga in the US, from the earliest localizations to the streaming culture of today.

Manga and Comics in the US: Cultural Influence

ICv2, which is a geek culture website, has published an article about the top-ranking manga and comics in the USA in 2021. For April, starting from April 4th through May 1st, manga was dominating those tables. There is no single US graphic novel or comic book inside, at least not within the top 20. In the following discussion, we [...]

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Manga in America

Manga: Japan’s Pop Culture Crusader From being a major entertainment media in Japan since the post-war era, manga or Japanese comics, along with anime, has undeniably become the country's "pop culture crusader" on the global stage. For some, manga even serves as a gateway to Japanese art and culture appreciation. (On the other hand, manga artists, called mangaka [...]

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