What services do CCCI provide for?

CCCI provides services of manga/comics/webtoon translation and typesetting, game localization and support, content creation, BPO services, audio and speech data collection, human translation and other multilingual services.

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When was the Armenian branch of CCCI founded?

In July 2019, Creative Connections & Commons Inc., in the Philippines decided to start an Armenian hub to address the need for European language support for its current clients. For more information check ”About us”, “Our team” pages and Director’s message.

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What agency is CCCI?

CCCI is a translation agency, aiming to provide state-of-the-art multilingual communication to our partners and clients through our highly trained business leaders.

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What type of company CCCI is?

CCC International is a professional multilingual translation and localization agency, operating across Europe, Asia, and the US, and delivering services in up to 30 languages in almost all industries. 

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